Guide For "The Longest Snapchat Streak" in 2024

Jonathan Plummer | Nov 05, 2022 6 min read

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Would you love to know about the "longest Snapchat streaks"? Then you find the right article.

Here, you will get the answer to this question and additional tips on starting and maintaining the longest Snapchat streak. Let's dive in!

What is a Snapchat Streak?

A Snapchat streak or Snapchat streak is when you snap a friend(i.e., sending or receiving a video or photo through Snapchat) back and forth at least once every 24 hours. A fire emoji will appear beside the username of your Snapchat friends whom you have consistently snapped for three days.

Can You Find Or Send The Longest Snapchat Streak?

For a long time, many people have attempted to find out who has the highest Snapchat streak ever recorded. Still, it is difficult to determine who truly has the highest Snapchat streak recorded for the following reasons:

  • No official List. No official statistics or scoreboards are approved and monitored by Snapchat to show the highest Snapchat streak per time. This is one of the major reasons why it's challenging to keep track of Snapchat streaks.
  • Unverified Data: Every available record of a high Snapchat streak is obtained from data sent by users, making it difficult to verify their authenticity since anyone could have fabricated this data.

How To Find The Longest Snapchat streak?

Scouring the internet can give you an idea of the current highest Snaptsreak. Some sites allow Snapchat users to send their Snapchat streak records, and they constantly update their Snapchat streak records based on the data sent by users.

You should note that different websites have different records, and there's no way to verify these users' claims.

Similarly, if you think your Snapchat streak is long enough and would love to make it public, you can send the details to any of the following sites:,, or You can also post a screenshot of your streak with someone on your social media platform, such as Twitter, to make it go viral.

How to Begin a Snapchat Streak?

Starting a Snapchat streak is easy. You need a registered Snapchat account, the right set of people or friends to snap with, and consistency.

To start a snap streak, do the following:

  1. Add your friend on Snapchat, you can add one or more.
  2. Create a snap with your Snapchat app.
  3. Tap the send button at the bottom of your screen to open the sending screen.
  4. Select the friends, stories, or groups you'll love to send your snap to.
  5. Tap the send icon at the bottom of your screen to send your snap.
  6. Tap the send icon at the bottom of your screen to send your snap.
  7. Wait for your friends to snap back again. And repeat these steps every day for as long as you can.

Meaning Of Snapchat Streak Emojis.

Snapchat uses different emojis to represent your streaks, depending on their length. Some of the emojis and what they represent are listed below.

Fire Emoji.

The fire emoji is the first Snapstreak emoji you'll encounter, representing the beginning of your Snapchat streak.

This emoji can be found beside your friend's user name, and it appears after 3 days of consistently sending and receiving snaps from a friend. The number of days you and your friend have been on a Snapchat streak appears beside the fire emoji.

100 Emoji.

The 100 emoji is earned if you can maintain a Snapchat streak for 100 days. It only appears for 24 hours, after which it disappears.

Meanwhile, the fire emoji remains constant in its position, and the 100 emoji and others only appear temporarily beside it. Taking note of when it will appear won't make you miss taking a screenshot before it disappears.

Hour Glass Emoji.

The hourglass emoji warns that your Snapchat streak with a friend is about to end.

This emoji appears when you have exactly four hours to revive your Snapchat streak. Failure to send a photo or a video before the time elapses implies that you and your friend will have to start all over again, regardless of how long the streak is.

What Interactions Don't Count Towards Your Snapchat Streak?

If you intentionally maintain a long streak with a friend, you must know what adds up to your Snapchat streak. Here are some of the activities that don't add up to the streaks.


Regardless of how long your text conversation with your friend is, it doesn't count as part of your Snapchat streak. Don't be carried away by textual conversation; send some snaps to preserve your streaks.

Group Chat:

Snapping a group of friends at a time would have been a great way to keep your streak going, but Snapchat does not support this. You'll have to snap each of your friends individually for a snap to add up as a snapstreak.


Your stories do not count as a Snapchat streak, as more than one friend can view them.


Sharing your memories on Snapchat doesn't count as part of your Snapchat streak, so while you enjoy sharing your memories with friends, endeavor to send a snap.


Snaps shared on spectacles do not count as part of your Snapchat streak. Don't assume that it does and jeopardize your Snapchat streak.

Benefits of Snapchat Streaks.

Maintaining a Snapchat streak boosts your personal Snapchat score. The score helps you claim various trophies unlocked within your app. These trophies come as emojis that you receive as rewards for performing certain activities on Snapchat.

Moreover, Snapchat streaks are essential in helping friends maintain an active conversation.

At times, it might not seem easy to maintain a good, consistent conversation with a person, but to preserve a streak, friends will always find a way of reaching out to each other and snapping at each other. A Snapchat streak brings people together even when there's a disagreement, helping friends build healthy relationships.

What is Snapchat Score?

The Snapchat score shows how active you are on Snapchat. As long as you frequently use your Snapchat app, exploring its different features, your Snapchat score will rise.

That's all that matters, right? Everyone loves to get a good score.

To see your Snapchat score, tap the Bitmoji icon. Your profile will pop up, and you'll see your Snapchat score beside your username.

Steps to Get Back Your Lost Snapchat Streaks.

Losing all your hard-built streaks overnight is heartbreaking, especially when you are sure you don't deserve to. If that is the case with you, you have nothing to worry about. Take the following steps to get your missing streaks back without starting all over.

  1. Visit Snapchat Support.
  2. Among the available options, choose "My Snapstreak Disappeared."
  3. Fill in the required information in the form that will come out.
  4. Submit your form for review and wait for Snapchat to get back to you.

How to Keep a Snapchat Streak Going?

Choose a willing partner.

Since it takes both parties to send a snap for it to count as a streak, you sure don't want a partner you'll have to coax into sending a snap as a streak.

Pin your active streaks conversations.

This way, you won't forget to snap with your friends regularly to avoid killing a potential long streak. Pinning will also help you notice warning signs such as the hourglass quickly.

Snap first.

Don't be carried away in a textual conversation with a friend that you'll forget to send a picture or video. Ensure that a snap has been sent before allowing yourself to get caught up in a conversation that doesn't add up.

Set a reminder.

If you have a very busy routine and know you are vulnerable to forgetting to send a snap, set a reminder on your phone that will remind you to send a snap to your partner in the case you forget.

What Happens if You Get on a 1,000-Day Snapchat Streak with Someone?

A thousand days Snapstreak implies that you've maintained a streak with a friend for over 3 years without missing a day. As big as this accomplishment might sound, nothing special happens.

Over 100 days of a streak, you'll have a mountain emoji next to that person's name, which is probably meant to signify some monumental accomplishment.

Snapchat used to have different trophies assigned to users for different accomplishments. The app would give badges to those who sent more than 1,000 snaps or those with a high Snap Score.

However, these features have been removed as folks reportedly became "too obsessed" with earning these little virtual trophies.

How to Change Snapchat Streak Emojis?

Although the fire emoji is the standard Snapchat uses to symbolize an ongoing streak, you can easily change it to any emoji of your choice.


  1. Open your Snapchat app and tap your profile picture in the top-left corner of your screen.
  2. Tap the settings icon in the top-right corner of the screen.
  3. Choose Customize Emojis.
  4. Scroll down and tap Snapstreak. Choose any emoji from the available options to change your default Snapstreak emoji.

We believe this article will help you understand all you need to know about the Snapchat streak, and by now, you know how to start your own Snapstreak.

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