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Sales FAQs

1. It is recommended that using an alternative payment method while ensuring that your internet connection is working.
2. If you still have difficulty processing your order, it is normally due to the restrictions of the bank. We recommend that you should contact your bank's customer service team and ask about the specific transaction. Most customers will be allowed to process the payment after contacting their bank.
Note: If the payment cannot be processed, please do not make multiple attempts or this will be deemed as a malicious purchase by the platform. It could result in a 48 hours IP ban.

Yes, you can cancel it anytime.
If purchase the 1-Month Plan, 1-Quarter Plan, or 1-Year Plan, auto-subscription will be enabled.
To save your time on the cancelation process, please contact us and send your order number or licensed email. We will cancel your subscription within 24 hours.

We do have a 30-day Money Back Guarantee for all products. If there is no solution after analyzing your problems, you'll be entitled a refund. Please review our refund policy via

Please be assured that the purchase or installation of our products is completely safe. Our website has an SSL certificate to fully secure each transactions and private information from being leaked. Our software also uses Entrust certificate, which is safe and virus-free. We can guarantee a 100% secure of your data and your devices.

1. You can either buy a new copy of the correct product and then contact us for a refund of the wrong product.
2. Or you can contact us for a refund and then re-purchase the correct product.
Note: On both the purchase page and the shopping cart page, We have marked the compatibility (Win or Mac system). Please ensure you choose the correct system during checkout.

Registration Code

1. Copy and Paste the code from the registration E-mail to avoid typo.
2. Note that the registration email and code are case sensitive, make sure all the letters are matched.
3. Please make sure your computer is properly connected to the Internet.
4. Please note that the license you purchased corresponds to the correct version of the computer device. Windows license can only activate the software for Win; Mac license can only activate the software for Mac users.

1. If you have purchased successfully, you will usually receive an order confirmation e-mail within 15 minutes.
2. Please make sure the email you used is the same one you fill in at purchase.
3. Please check if the confirmation E-mail has gone to the spam mailbox.
4. If you still can't find the activation code, please visit and enter your email address to reacquire the activation code.

1. If you purchased product, you will get the registered license in your email.(the one you fill in at purchase)
2. Check the order confirmation email and find the license key.
3. Open the software and click the Register button in the upper right corner.
4. Copy and paste Your E-mail Address (Purchased E-mail Address), and then copy and paste Registration Code (License Key) in corresponding text boxes to register.
5. Finally, your product has been registered successfully. Please go to enjoy the full version.

1. If you purchased a personal license, the activation code is only valid for use on one computer.
2. If you have changed your computer and your original activation code is invalid, please contact us.

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