Change iOS Location to Anywhere in 1 Click

GPS Joystick Mode on iOS
Simulate GPS Movement with Customized Speed
Import / Export GPX file to create your own routes.
Compatible with LBS Games & Apps
Spoof GPS Locations for Unlimited Phones at Once
Compatible with the iOS 17 (win&mac)
Available for :

Works with any LBS game

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Create A Customized Route to Have Fun

What Can You Do With Luckluckgo?

Catch Pokémon At Home

No more going out on a rainy day or walking around in a sweat! With just one click, you can get your favorite Pokémon from the comfort of your home!

Access To Geo-Restricted Services

Are you frustrated by not being able to access geo-restricted content and services? You can fake your iPhone's GPS receiver easily. It can help bypass area restrictions and access apps like life360 and more!

Hide Your Location on Find My to Protect Your Privacy

With a fake GPS location, you can keep other people from always knowing your location without turning off the Find My feature.

Get More Matches and Fun on Social Apps

You can change your location on social apps to make friends with people worldwide without being limited by your current address. You can also pretend you are "traveling" and prank your friends.

More Convenient Features

Connect with WiFi

LuckLuckGo supports wireless connection. You can connect up to five iOS devices without worrying about running out of USB ports. You can use our service anywhere in your home that WiFi covers!

    You can:
  • Fake GPS location via WiFi wirelessly.
  • Play Pokémon Go from your sofa.
  • Change your iOS location anytime, anywhere.
Check how to use WiFi connection>>

Import and Export GPX File

Follow other people's routes to get through some LBS games faster. For example, catch the Pikachu you want on a route where others report there is one. You only need your mouse and keyboard!

    You can:
  • Automatically move across the entire map.
  • Free orientation in a 360-degree.
  • Control your movement with keyboard.
Check how to use GPX file>>

Pokémon Index

Learn Everying about Your Pokémon

LuckLuckGo also provides the most comprehensive Pokémon information. You can explore Pokémon's types, weaknesses, performance and more.

    You can:
  • Learn everything about your Pokémon's stats.
  • Get a quick start to team building with your Pokemons.
  • Get more tips on playing Pokemon Go.
Check List of Pokémon>>

The Most Comprehensive Location Spoofer Tool

LuckLuckGo lets you easily change your position on iOS. You can set your route and, customize your movement speed, search for a specific address as your destination, which can help you get through AR games faster! There are also more new features on the way, so stay tuned!

Cooldown Timer

The countdown is there to remind you that if you change your iPhone location excessively at any point, it will be harder to pinpoint your exact location.

Adjustable Moving Speed

Set the speed of your GPS movement from 1m/s to 3.6km/h by dragging the speed bar.

Historical Records

Save your previously searched addresses while recording the timing. All past searches are available wherever you want them.

Search for Certain Locations

Enter the address you want or its GPS coordinate to be virtually anywhere you want. Also, more search results are available for you to select from in the drop-down menu.

Change iOS GPS Location in 3 Steps

LuckLuckGo enables you to teleport GPS location and simulate the movement along a customized route in 3 simple steps.

Choose WiFi/USB connection. For iPhone users, it’s available to connect the software with WiFi being connected.

You can select a starting point and set the direction of movement. Then use the joystick on the screen or "W, A, S and D" to manipulate your movement.

You can freely adjust where you move within 360 degrees. You can change the direction at any time during the movement.

Choose WiFi/USB connection. For iPhone users, it’s available to connect the software with WiFi being connected.

Select a starting point and a destination. You can set the movement speed and the number of times to move back and forth between the starting point and the destination.

You can select any place on the map as your destination. After clicking Move, you can see the GPS location of your iPhone or iPad immediately changed to the destination you set on LuckLuckGo.

Comments Review

A trustworthy Pokémon Go spoofer for iPhone 14

The joystick mode of LuckLuckGo is fantastic! It's like I've walked myself. It's effortless to use. Anyone who plays Pokémon can't miss it! Thank you, LuckLuckGo, and keep up the good work!

Connect 5 devices simultaneously

This tool is so worth it! It fits perfectly on my iPad! Before, I could only go out to find Pokémon outside. With LuckLuckGo, I can catch Pokémon at home anytime, anywhere. And I can connect LuckLuckGo to my iPhone at the same time. Nice!!!

Get more matches on dating apps

The software works as advertised. I used it to quickly change my location on Tinder to match friends far from me. The process was easy to follow and it only took me a few minutes. So I have no hesitation in recommending LuckLuckGo to my friends!

Protecting your privacy

I'm bummed when I see some apps asking to share location access. LuckLuckGo helps me change my iPhone location, and I can still use apps that require location authorization. Really helpful!

Enjoy AR games safely at home

The software works as advertised. I'm fascinated by AR games. But things about AR gamers getting mugged at night worry me. So I chose to use LuckLuckGo, and I could explore unknown routes without restrictions!

Frequently Asked Questions

LuckLuckGo is entirely safe! We have an antivirus program in place. You can enjoy all of the features LuckLuckGo offers without worrying about any data breaches or leaks.

Yes, LuckLuckGo works perfectly well with all location-based apps like Pokémon Go.

Yes. You can change your iPhone location without jailbreak with Luckluckgo. Luckluckgo adopts premium encryption, allowing no chances for data loss.

Close LuckLuckGo and restart your device. Your GPS location will be switched to the actual one in a second.

We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee for all of our products. You may check our refund policy here.