[Solved] How To Block Your Phone Being Tracked

Jonathan Plummer | Jun 29, 2022

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Some technologies, such as apple Tags, can use your iPhone to track you increasing the risk of being kidnapped or Hijacked.

With so many apps and software available, you don’t know who is monitoring you at any moment by using software to track your location.

Recently, I passed through a retail store, and I immediately received a text notification about shopping at that retail store. I was shocked to learn that my location was being tracked by some shops I rarely use.

After seeing so many complaints about people being tracked using their mobile phones, I have written a detailed article on what you should do in such scenarios or ways to avoid being tracked through your phone.

Part 1. Why Apps Tracking Your Location?

Ensure that you are not sharing your location with any apps if you are serious about protecting your privacy and personal info. Spying software sells the information it gathers to advertising businesses. They target their customers better and show them the adverts to persuade you to buy. Let's look at what occurs when applications monitor a user's location. What your location history is used for varies depending on the kind of application.

  • Recommends Nearby Hotels and Restaurants

By granting location access to applications such as Google Maps, Uber, Zomato, Swiggy, and OYO, you may quickly identify restaurants and motels close to your house. We are aware of how Google Maps utilizes location data, isn't it? It indicates the direction to make travel easy.

  • Targeted Advertising

Are you aware that specific software utilizes locations for targeted advertising? They share your location information with marketing and research organizations. This is why you see advertisements on your phone for numerous goods.

  • Weather Forecast

Forecasting software utilizes location data to offer information about the weather.

  • Browsers

If you've noticed, your location is always listed at the bottom of each Google search. This is done to improve your search experience by displaying relevant results to your location.

How Much do Apps Know About Us?

Smartphones are pervasive. They are used for navigation, banking, shopping, and social networking, among other things. 

Several of these apps use the GPS technology built into your phone to enhance their functionality (think about yelp asking for your location so it can recommend restaurants in your area).

Part 2. How To Stop Being Tracked On iPhone?

Method 1: LuckLuckGo- Changing Your Real-Time Location [most recommended]

LuckLuckGo allows you to change location to your desired place without affecting your phone's or other apps' performance. 

  • Pros:
  1. Allows you to alter your GPS location rapidly. 
  2. The intuitive user interface is user-friendly for everyone who uses it. 
  3. Compatible with all location-based applications, including Map WhatsApp, Fitness app, and Facebook. 
  4. Ideal for gaming. Support for virtual movement synchronization and allow you to play Pokemon Go without moving.
  • Steps to use LuckLuckGo:
  1. Start LuckLuckGo and connect your iPhone to the computer through the USB cable. 
  2. Connect your iPhone to your computer using the USB cable and select "Start." 
  3. Click "Move" and choose a place on the map. 

Your fake GPS location is complete! All location-based application data on your iPhone will also be sent to the fake GPS location.

Method 2: Turn off your location.

Do you own an iPhone? By default, the iPhone tracks your location in a variety of ways. Here's how to disable them:

  1. Turn off Significant Locations.

Your iPhone keeps note of the locations you commonly visit. This data is utilized to assist you in navigating through traffic, among other things. However, it is intrusive. You may choose to disable this functionality. 

How can you disable Important Locations? Take the following steps: 

  •  Navigate to Settings > Privacy >Location Services > SystemServices>Remarkable Locations.
  •  Tap Significant Locations. 
  •  Clear History by tapping.
  1. Turn off Parked Location

Are you aware that your iPhone remembers where you parked your car? It maintains a record of the parking space to assist you in locating it again. While this function is advantageous, it also puts at risk your privacy. Here's how to disable it: 

  • Navigate to Settings>Maps
  • Scroll down and look for Specify the parking location 
  • Remove it.

Please remember that Parked Location is only available if your vehicle is equipped with Bluetooth or a Car Stereo capable of connecting to your phone. If it does not, there is no need to disable this functionality.

  1. Disable Location-Based Alerts, Apple Ads, & Suggestions

Apple gives you advertisements, notifications, and recommendations for new apps, depending on your location. While this is a convenient function, it is also intrusive. Your location data may be disclosed to a malicious third party. 

In System Services, you may deactivate Location-Based Alerts, Apple Ads, and Suggestions. 

  • Select Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services > Take the following steps. 
  • Disable the three services stated above.
  1. Disable iPhone Location Tracking individually for apps.

Finally, third-party applications may monitor your whereabouts. You can choose which apps can access your location and which do not. Additionally, you may disable location access for all installed applications. 

To prevent particular applications from tracking your location on your iPhone, take these steps: It’s a good idea to choose the "While Using the App" setting for most apps. This prevents them from tracking you 24/7 and helps conserve your battery.

  • Navigate to Settings > Privacy > Location Services
  • Select the app that you do not wish to monitor your location. 
  • Select "Never."

Part 3. How To Stop Being Tracked On Android?

Are you an Android user? Google and its many affiliates are aware of your current location. The following is how to give it the slip:

1. Turn Off Location Sharing for Google Maps

By default, Google Maps monitors your whereabouts. It will occasionally "anonymously" save the precise coordinates of your location. This data is used to help Google improve its products and services. 

You may trust Google and accept this. However, if you do not want Google to have constant access to your location.

Here is how to disable the feature:

  • Navigate to Settings > Location Preferences
  • Select the "Location History is enabled" check box. 
  • Set it to "Off."

Without the Location History. If you ever lose your phone, Google will be unable to assist you in locating it.

2. Turn Off Wi-Fi Scanning

Did you know that Android enables applications to check for Wi-Fi even when Wi-Fi is switched off? Google's goal with this feature is to offer you a better service. However, your location is always available. 

Disable Wi-Fi scanning:

  1. Navigate to Configuration > Google
  2.  Scroll to the bottom, and press on Location
  3. Select Scanning. 
  4. Disable Wi-Fi scanning (and Bluetooth scanning)

3. Disable Location Sharing for Individual apps

Apart from Google, other applications may have access to your current location. You may configure location permissions for specific apps. To manage which apps have access to your location, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to Settings > Applications & Notifications
  • Locate Application Permissions > Location.
  • You can control which applications have access to your current location.

As analyzed in this article, you can prevent applications from monitoring your location by disabling location services and other methods. But the most guaranteed way is using LuckLuckGo since you can go around using other apps peacefully without turning on the location.