3 Different Ways to Battle in Pokémon Go [2024]

Simon Crawford | Nov 29, 2022 7 min read

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Are you looking to show off your battling skills on Pokémon Go? If you are, this article has some tips that you will find helpful.

Pokémon Go is fun, but participating in battles creates a new thrill. Winning fights against other trainers is prestigious, but it also comes with rewards that help improve your progress in the game.

So, before you start fighting, read this guide to see how you can battle and emerge victorious.

Before Starting the Battle

Pokémon Go gives you three Pokémon you can use to fight other Trainers. To win, you need to knock out your opponent's Pokémons or deal more damage before time is up. However, you lose the fight if each of your three Pokémon faints.

You must select a league before engaging in a Pokémon Go battle. Pokémon Go has three different types of leagues: Great, Ultra, and Master League. Each of these Leagues has its CP cap.

In addition to the leagues, Pokémon Go has themed cups that vary from season to season. An example is the Element cup which features Grass, Fire, and Water-type Pokémon.

League Maximum CP Note
Great League Maximum CP can’t exceed 1,500. Trainers unlock this League by owning at least 3Pokémon whose CP values are 1,500 or less.
Ultra League Maximum CP can’t exceed 2,500. Trainers unlock this League by owning at least 3Pokémon whose CP values are over 1,500.
Master League This League has no maximum CP limit. Trainers unlock this League by owning a minimum of 3Pokémon whose CP values are over 2,500.
Themed cups Maximum or minimum CP varies depending on the season. Each cup has its own restrictions.

Now that you know about Pokémon Go leagues, let us see who and how you can battle.

1. Battle with Nearby Trainers

Fighting nearby players on Pokémon Go is relatively easy, but you have to be within proximity to them. This is because they need to scan your Battle code to engage you.

Alternatively, you can scan their code. The Battle code is a QR code that you or other trainers scan to start a fight. You don't need to be friends to combat nearby trainers.


  1. Tap on the Main Menu > Battle.
  2. Scroll down to Nearby Battle.
  3. Ask the other trainer to scan your QR code.
    The Battle Code in Pokémon Go

    The Battle Code in Pokémon Go

2. Battle with Friends Remotely

To battle another player remotely, you must be Ultra or Best friends in the game. Remote battles are played online.


  1. Go to the Map View and navigate to your Trainer Profile.
  2. Press the Friends tab at the tp to open your Friend List.
    Step to battle a friend remotely

    Step to battle a friend remotely

  3. Pick a friend you want to challenge to a battle.
  4. Tap the Battle icon.
  5. Press LET'S BATTLE! to send the challenge.

3. Join GO Battle League

The Go Battle League is a global matching system that allows players to battle other trainers worldwide. They get to earn rewards and improve their global ranking. This league is divided into seasons that stretch for three months. Joining a Go Battle League is easy.


  1. Tap the Main Menu button.
  2. Press Battle.
    Join a Go Battle League

    Join a Go Battle League

Explaining Go Battle terms

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Term Explanation Note
Selecting Rewards Players can pick the type of reward they wish to get (Basic or Premium) before searching for a battling match. Each subsequent win unlocks a different reward. You need to exchange a Premium Battle Pass to get premium rewards.
Seasons This is the period after which rates and rankings are reset. Each season goes through Great, Ultra, and Master League battles. You can check when the current season will end on the Battle Screen.
Battling Other Trainers Pokémon Go will match you with another trainer looking for a battle once you choose your battle party. Defeat your challenger using trainer battle tactics.
Penalties for Leaving a Battle Intentionally quitting a match results in an automatic loss for that Battle. If your app crashes or you lose your internet connection, you can rejoin the match by restarting the app. However, your opponent may continue to attack your Pokémon.
Ranks and Ratings If you participate in the Go Battle league, you are assigned a rank based on how many matches you trained and how many you won. If you attain a new rank, you cannot fall below it for the rest of that season. A higher rank brings better end-of-season rewards.

How To Move in The Pokémon Go Battles

You will need a combination of fast attacks, charged attacks, and excellent defense to win a battle. Switching your Pokémon appropriately will also help limit damage incurred while maximizing your damage output. Here's how you can use these moves to succeed in a Go Battle league.

1. Fast Attack

You can press anywhere on your screen to execute a fast attack. Fast attacks are also useful since they recharge your Charged Attack meter.

2. Charged attack

A charged attack is shown by a meter at the bottom of the screen. This meter fills up as you continuously tap your screen for a fast attack. Once the charged attack meter is full, tap the meter to initiate the attack.

Multiple symbols will pop up on your screen for a limited time. Tap, then drag your finger on your screen to touch as many popup icons as possible. This helps to strengthen your attack.

If your charged attack meter fills up but continues using Fast attacks, you may fill up the meter again. This will allow you to unleash two changed attacks successfully.

3. Defending

Once your opponent launches a charged attack, you can use a Protect Shield to defend yourself. Use the shields wisely since you only get a limited number per battle.

Pokémon Go Shield

Pokémon Go Shield

4. Switching Pokémon

You can pull back your current Pokémon and send out another by pressing the Switch button in the bottom left. Exchanging Pokémon is a great way to avoid taking too much damage from an opponent's attacks. But, since an opponent can keep attacking as you switch, you need to change as fast as possible, so you don't lose too much HP.

5. Ending a battle

A battle ends once time runs out or after either player's Pokémons have fainted.

What Will You Get After the Battle?

Each player earns a reward after the battle when fighting nearby trainers and friends. These rewards include Stardust. However, the winning trainer gets to level up on one of three medals: the Great League Veteran, Ultra League Veteran, or Master League Veteran.

Once the fight ends, you can ask for a rematch or send your opponent a friend invite. Pokémon Go lets you battle as much as you want, but you only get rewarded for three daily matches.

How to Build a Balanced Team for Trainer Battles

To create the best Pokémon team, select characters who complement each other's weaknesses. For example, do not enter into a Trainer Battle with three Pokémon who are weak to Fire-type attacks. If you do, you risk your entire team being wiped out by a single Charizard.

You should also consider which Pokémon the other Trainer will likely bring to the fight. This should be easy since most players prefer specific Pokémon for each League. You may use them too if you like, but ensure you have Pokémon that can oppose these league-favorite Pokémons.

As you Battle in the game, note which Pokémon you encounter most in Trainer battles, then prepare to defeat them in future matches.

Pokémon Ultra League

Pokémon Ultra League

How to Pick Pokémon Perfect for Trainer Battles

If you are getting into a Trainer Battle after participating in Raid battles, it's wise to supplement the Pokémon you powered up before with Pokémons that are more focused on Trainer battles. To beat the clock in Raid battles, most Trainers power up Pokémon that can quickly cause damage. However, in Trainer Battles, you must balance offense and defense.

The Go Battle League Trainer Battles are a race to beat your opponent's three Pokémon before yours faint. Thus, taking less damage is as essential as dishing out more.

You should also remember that not all Fast Attacks charge energy at the same rate. Fast Attack Pokémon that charge energy quickly can unleash their Charged Attacks sooner. This can pressure the opponent to blow through their two protective shields. For example, Swamper is popular because it charges quickly using its Mud Shot fast attack.

Since different Pokémon excel in other leagues, power up a Pokémon as close as possible to the maximum CP of the League you want to play in. For example, 2500 for the Ultra League and 1500 for the Great League.

How to Increase Your Rank and Rank Rewards

Every player begins the GO Battle League at rank one and moves up through the ranks by completing battles. Trainers progress regardless of whether they win or lose, but winning is necessary to continue moving up. Once you attain the higher levels, you will see your rating.

But, if you intend to be one of the best, set your sights on the legend rank, which is the highest achievable in the GO Battle League.

Pokémon available at your rank

Pokémon available at your rank

Currently, the League has 24 ranks. 1-20 are numbered numerically, while the top four are Ace, Veteran, Expert, and Legend. Ratings are not just for aesthetics. The higher you go, the better the rewards you get for winning Battles.

For example, as you move up, you will encounter Legendary Pokémon. If you exchange a premium Battle pass to attain the Premium Rewards track, you will require fewer wins to encounter Legendary Pokémon.

Preparations You Can Take Before Battle

Since each player competes with similar restrictions, getting as much as possible from your Pokémon is essential so you don't leave them at a disadvantage. Apart from selecting the right Pokémon, you should also consider your Pokémon's CP and their Fast and Charged attacks.

Optimize CP

CP stands for Combat Power and represents a Pokémon's power. Hence, you will want your Pokémon's CP to be close to the maximum CP allowed for whichever League you intend to use it in. Each Pokémon may be different from others due to its stats, which you can check by appraising the Pokémon.

To see how much your Pokémon's CP would increase if you powered it up:

  1. Tap the POWER UP button.
  2. On the other hand, tapping the + icon will show you how close to the League's CP limit your powered-up Pokémon can get.

You will also see how much Candy and Stardust you require to get there.

Power Up and increase your Snorlax’s CP

Power Up and increase your Snorlax’s CP

The Attack stat influences a Pokémon's CP more than the Defense and HP. Some Trainers prefer to use Pokémon with lower Attack and higher HP and defense to get more overall power at a lower CP. However, it takes more Stardust to power up primo Pokémon, so before investing, ensure you are sure which Pokémon you intend to power up.

A Second Charged AttackRight

Teaching your Pokémon a 2nd Charged Attack costs a lot of Candy and Stardust, but it gives your Pokémon a substantial competitive edge.

The second Charged attack grants you the ability to surprise an opponent or compensate for a Pokémon's weakness. It can also enable you to trick your opponent into using or saving their Protect Shield at the wrong time.


TMs are items you can use to teach moves to your Pokémon. Hence, before a battle, use a few TMs to train your Pokémon to the attack you want.

Pokémon GO has four types of TMs: Fast TMs, Charged TMs, Elite Fast TMs, and Elite Charged TMs. Both Elite TMs are rare, and you should use them thoughtfully since they let you choose which attack you want your Pokémon to learn.

Before using Elite TMs, research which attacks are available to your Pokémon and which are the most powerful. For special attacks that are only available to Pokémon outside of events like the Community Day, you may use an Elite Fast TM or an Elite charge TM to help your Pokémon learn that attack.


You now know all you need to know to get started in the GO Battle League.

However, to truly conquer the League, there are things you will have to learn through experience. Take your time to check out which Pokémon perform better in which spots and when to use your Protect Shields or switch Pokémon.

Also, do not shy away from using your Premium Battle passes. Good luck in raising your rating and achieving the Legend rank.