How to Increase Your Pokemon Go Trade Distance [2022]

Simon Crawford | Nov 16, 2022

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"Is Pokemon Go long distance trading available in 2022? I only have friends I found on the net and there is no way of contacting them, even those that live in my town." - Pokemon Go Reddit.

Yes, Pokemon Go long-distance trading is available, and it comes with many benefits. These include getting Lucky Pokemon, re-rolling your IVs, and changing your CP.

However, you will need to tweak your GPS location to beat the 100-meter trading restriction to access long-distance trading. If you are wondering how this article will illustrate how to work around this restriction. Keep reading.

Pokemon Go long distance trading

Pokemon Go long distance trading

  • Trade without leaving your couch.
  • You earn larger bonuses for catching more Pokemons.
  • You can easily trade a desired Pokemon with a friend from anywhere.
  • Get the elusive regional Pokemons like Mr. Mime and Tauros.
  • Complete research tasks easier.
  • Take over more Gyms and get to Pokestops from home.
  • Level up in the game easily and quickly.
  • How to increase your trade distance Pokemon Go

    How to increase your trade distance Pokemon Go

Way 1: Pokemon Go Trading from Anywhere with LuckLuckGo [The Best Way]

What's LuckLuckGo?

LuckLuckGo is a professional iOS location-changing software. It allows you to switch your GPS location to gain an advantage when playing Pokemon Go. The tool enables you to sort all your trading restrictions with the click of a button. Additionally, you do not have to jailbreak your iPhone to use this tool.


  1. Download Download, install and launch LuckLuckGo on your Mac or PC.
  2. Connect the iPhone and press Start.
  3. Select the teleport mode, enter your friend's location by coordinates or street name, and click Move.
  4. Your location changes immediately, and you can now trade with your friends whatever you want.
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Why Do I recommend LuckLuckGo?

  • You only need one click to remove the 100-meter restriction and trade globally.
  • It supports all the newest iOS versions and iPhone models.
  • LuckLuckGo lets you simulate and synchronize movement on Pokemon Go like in real life.
  • It is safe and offers 100% data protection.
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Way 2: Increase Trading Distance up to 40 KM During Fest Events

Niantic, the developers of Pokemon Go, tend to increase the trading distance during certain events or holidays. This means that during these occasions, you are no longer limited to only trading with players within a 100-meter radius.

These events include:

  • Community days: These are hosted on one weekend each month and last for 6 hours. However, sometimes they can extend for the whole weekend, especially in December. The trading distance extends up to 40 km.
  • Global events and holidays: During specific days observed globally, like the Lunar New year or Christmas, the trading distance can increase to 40km. This can go for a day or two, depending on Niantic.
  • In-game events: Pokemon Go sometimes hosts in-game events for the players. During these events, the trading distance reaches 40km.
  •  Increase Pokemon Go trade distance during Fest Events

    Increase Pokemon Go trade distance during Fest Events

There is often no predictable pattern as to when these events will be. Niantic announces these events randomly, so the best way to stay updated is to follow Pokemon Go on their Twitter page or check out their blog.

How to Trade In Pokemon Go (Basic)

Once you have added another player to your friend list and are within 100 meters of each other, it's time to trade.


  • You need to have achieved trainer level 10 or above.
  • Ensure you have enough Stardust.

Note: Trading regular Pokemon registered on both players' Pokedex costs 100 Stardust. Trading shiny, legendary, or unregistered Pokemon can cost up to 100,000 Stardust.


  1. Start the trade by opening the Friends tab on the Trainer Profile. Select the person you intend to trade with.
  2. Open Friends list in Pokemon Go

    Open Friends list in Pokemon Go

  3. Press theTrade button, then alert your friend to ensure they join the trading session.
  4.  Invite your friend to trade Pokemon

    Invite your friend to trade Pokemon

  5. Select the Pokemon you intend to trade.
  6. Select a Pokemon to trade

    Select a Pokemon to trade

  7. You will notice details like CP, HP, and stats on your screen. These details will change within a range after the trade. Tap Next.
  8.  Preview Pokemon IV before trading

    Preview Pokemon IV before trading

  9. Press the Confirm button to confirm the trade.
    Note: Next to the Confirm button, you will see the amount of Stardust you need to complete the trade. You will also see how much candy you received.
  10. Confirm Pokemon trading cost

    Confirm Pokemon trading cost


  • You can trade most legendary Pokemon, but you cannot trade the Mythical Pokemon.
  • Pokemon that have been traded once before can't be traded again.

How to Get Lucky Pokemon Through Trading (Advanced)

Lucky trading is when you trade a Pokemon with another player, and the Pokemon traded in both directions becomes lucky. A Lucky Pokemon is unique and incredibly beneficial status-wise. These lucky Pokemon are especially useful in high-end Pokemon play like Raids and Gyms.

Pokemon Go Lucky Trading

Pokemon Go Lucky Trading

Benefits of Lucky trading:

  • Lucky Pokemon will get higher IVs than normal trading.
  • Lucky Pokemon obtained in lucky trading are greater opponents in battle.
  • You require 50% less Stardust to power up Lucky Pokemon.


  • You need to have achieved trainer level 10 or above.
  • The player you are trading with needs to be on your Friends list.
  • You must be within a 100-meter radius of the other player. (You can spoof location with LuckLuckGo)


There are a few things you can do to get lucky on Pokemon Go:

  1. Trading Pokemon with a Lucky Friend. Once you have become best friends on Pokemon with another trainer, you can become Lucky friends. The first trade between Lucky friends is guaranteed to generate a Lucky Pokemon.
  2. Pokemon Go trading with Lucky Friends

    Pokemon Go trading with Lucky Friends

  3. Trading Pokemon caught in July or August 2016. However, the player trading the guaranteed Pokemon must have been involved in less than ten trades where a Lucky Pokemon was guaranteed.
  4. Trade Pokemon caught in 2016

    Trade Pokemon caught in 2016

  5. You can also increase the odds of getting lucky by trading older Pokemon. The longer it has been since you caught the Pokemon, the higher the odds.
  6. How to get Lucky Pokemon.

    How to get Lucky Pokemon.

Two Pokemon Trading Distance: How to Gain More Candies

Trainers can take advantage of the trade distance in the game to increase the amount of candy they earn from a trade. If two Pokemon were caught further away, trading them can bring more candy. Depending on the trade, you can obtain up to 4 Candies.

How to get more bonus candies

How to get more bonus candies

How Many Candies Will You Get?

Pokemon Trading Distance Required Candy Obtained
Local Trade Below 30km 1 Candy
Local Trade + Transfer 30-100km 2 Candies
Long Distance Trade Over 100km 3 Candies
Long Distance Trade + Transfer Over 100km 4 Candies

As your Pokemon collection grows, locating a particular Pokemon can be tedious. For example, if you want to trade a Pokemon caught a specific distance from your current location, tracking it can take time. Fortunately, you can use the 'distance' keyword to search for Pokemon caught within a particular radius.


  1. Go to your Pokemon Map View and press the Main Menu.
  2. Tap the Pokemon.
  3. Tap the Magnifying Glass button to open the search field.
  4. Enter the search distance.

    For example, to track Pokemon caught 1000kms away, type 'distance 1000' in the search box. For Pokemon caught between 1000 and 1500km, type 'distance 1000-1500'. (You can replace the numbers in this example with any number).

  5. Select Pokemon caught in long distance

    Select Pokemon caught in long distance

  6. You can also see the distance and how many Candies you will earn from a trade by checking your interface before confirming the trade.
  7.  Trade distance between two Pokemon.

    Trade distance between two Pokemon.

Note: The trade distance, in this case, is the distance between where Pokemon A and Pokemon B were caught, not the distance between you and your Pokemon Go friend.


Q1. How to Check the Trade Distance in Pokemon Go?

It is relatively easy to see the trading distance in Pokemon Go.


  1. Click on your friend's portrait in the Pokemon Go list.
  2. The game will then display the distance. To exchange a Pokemon, tap the Trade option in the same interface.

Q2. How to make Lucky Friends in Pokemon Go?

Lucky Friends in Pokemon Go are a special type of friends. It is a level achieved by two players through interactions after becoming Best Friends on Pokemon Go.

Becoming Lucky Friends has some benefits when trading. These include:

  • You can receive random Lucky Pokemon when trading with a Lucky Friend.
  • It can enable you to level up your weak Pokemon and give it a stronger Individual Value(IV).

How to become Lucky Friends on Pokemon Go?

To be Lucky Friends, you must start from the first friendship level on Pokemon and climb up to Lucky Friends. Currently, there are five friendship levels in Pokemon Go: Good, Great, Ultra, Best and Lucky.

Friendship levels in Pokemon Go.

Friendship levels in Pokemon Go.

To raise your friendship level, you can:

  • battle each other
  • complete raids together
  • send gifts
  • trade Pokemon
  • How to become Lucky Friends

    How to become Lucky Friends

The more you engage in such activities, your friendship level increases. Completing some of the tasks mentioned above can help to raise your level faster and more effectively.

After you become best friends, you will have one shot at becoming Lucky Friends daily. Hence, don't spam friendship leveling activities multiple times in a day trying to move up.

Lucky Friends Pokemon Go.

Lucky Friends Pokemon Go.

Q3. How Much Stardust do you need to Trade Shiny Pokemon?

Pokemon Go trading costs are a bit complex. While every trade will cost you Stardust, the price will depend on several factors. To make it easier to understand, I created a comparison table.

Friends Type Shiny Pokemon in both players’ Pokedex Shiny Pokemon not found in one player’s Pokedex Friendship required
Good 20,000 1,000,000 1 day
Great 16,000 800,000 7 days
Ultra 1600 80,000 30 days
Best 800 40,000 90 days

The higher your level in Pokemon, the less Stardust you need to trade. So, keep sending gifts to your friends since this enables you to increase your friendship levels. You can also use less Stardust by purifying your Shadow Pokemon and completing Raids.

Pokemon Go Trading Stardust cost.

Pokemon Go Trading Stardust cost.

Q4. How to Get Stardust in Pokemon Go?

There are multiple ways to gain Stardust. Here are the most effective ones:

  • Visit the Poke shops and buy Star Pieces.
  • These allow you to increase the amount of Stardust you acquire from any source by 50% for 30 minutes.

  • Catch Pokemon.
  • For every regular Pokemon you catch, you get 100 Stardust. For any second evolution Pokemon, you get 300 Stardust and 500 Stardust for a Pokemon in its final revolution. Your first catch of the day will earn you a bonus of 600 Stardust. If you keep the streak for a week, you will rake in an 1800 Stardust bonus.

  • Hatch as many eggs as possible, and if you can, use incubator items. Below is a list showing how much each egg type will fetch:
  • 2km egg - 400 to 800 Stardust.

    5km egg - 600 to 1,600 Stardust.

    7km egg - 800 to 1,600 Stardust.

    10km egg - 1,600 to 3,200 Stardust.

    12km egg - 3,200 to 6,400 Stardust.

  • Open the daily gifts.
  • Each can carry between 100 to 300 free Stardust.

  • Complete the Field Research tasks.
  • Tasks are cycled randomly, but some can get you up to 4,000 Stardust. Special Research tasks can give you 10,000 Stardust.

     How to get Stardust in Pokemon Go.

    How to get Stardust in Pokemon Go.


Trading on Pokemon Go enhances the gaming experience. But, as we have seen, Pokemon limits you to only trading with Friends in close proximity. This limit is only temporarily extended to 40km during Fest events.

Fortunately, this article has displayed a way around it using LuckLuckGo. You can use the tool to allow trading and interacting with other players without leaving your room. So, try it today to experience how it works.