Step-by-Step Guide: How to Enable Developer Mode on iPhone

If your iPhone is running iOS version 16.0 or above, please enable Developer Mode in advance in order to run the software.

  1. To access Developer Mode, go to Settings -> Privacy & Security on your iPhone. Scroll to the bottom and tap on the 'Developer Mode' option under the 'Security' section.

  2. access Developer Mode

  3. Once you have located the 'Developer Mode' option, switch it on to enable this setting. After doing so, a pop-up window will appear asking you to restart your iPhone. Tap 'Restart' to proceed.

  4. enable Developer Mode

  5. After restarting your iPhone, you will be prompted to turn on Developer Mode. Tap 'Turn On,' and then enter your iPhone passcode to enable this feature. Once completed, you will have successfully turned on Developer Mode in your iPhone settings.

  6. enable Developer Mode