[Still Working] Best Alternative to iSpoofer for Pokémon Go

Simon Crawford | Feb 27, 2024 7 min read

Gamer and big fan of Pokémon Go. Also, a copywriter who consistently shared tips & tricks about Pokémon Go since 2017, helping new trainers become experts.

  • iSpoofer is shutting down forever. You might think that the thrill and excitement of visiting new places in Pokémon Go will not be the same.
  • An ideal alternative to iSpoofer Pokémon Go is not only safe but stable too.
  • I have spent a lot of time during my research and shared it here in this tutorial with you.

I am a big fan of Pokémon Go but moving a lot was hard for me to play. So, I got on iSpoofer. It helped me fake my locations in the game for more progress quickly.

But what I received recently was a deadly email that took off all my excitement to play Pokémon Go ever again. My subscription has been canceled because iSpoofer was shutting down.

iSpoofer Pokémon Go shutting down

iSpoofer Pokémon Go shutting down

I spent all my time looking for an alternative to iSpoofer Pokémon Go that could provide me the same fun with enhanced features.

Luckily, I found the best alternative to iSpoofer Pokémon Go that was not only safe but stable too, which means it will never shut down.

You can also learn about this method if you go with me till the end.

It is permanently shut down by the company. If you are curious about why iSpoofer shut down, here I listed the reasons:

  • It was against the rules of Pokémon Go to use third-party apps.
  • A lot of users got their accounts banned because of iSpoofer.
  • People couldn’t use the product, so the company permanently closed iSpoofer.
Pokémon Go account warning due to iSpoofer shut down

Pokémon Go account warning due to iSpoofer

If you are a iSpoofer Pokémon Go iOS fan, you must already know that the owner shuts it down. But the problem is what we will do now? Is there any other spoofer we can go for? Will it be safe and secure to use? The answer is a big yes. And I can say this to you with my weeks of experience using this tool.

Best Alternative to iSpoofer Pokémon GO

After the shutting down of iSpoofer, I was so anxious to find another iSpoofer Pokémon Go that could fulfill my requirements. I tried out almost all the spoofers available on the internet, but all in vain. Trying out these third-party apps for days, luckily, I found the perfect tool. I am never going back to any other application or tool.


Are you curious about this fantastic tool LuckLuckGo? Let me introduce it to you. LuckLuckGo is a professional location changer you can use to virtually visit any place in this world with just one click. It is one of the best tools for Pokémon Go and other location-based games and applications.


  1. Download Download LuckLuckGo and connect your iPhone to the computer.
  2. Once it is connected, click "Start" .
  3. Start to change iPhone location via LuckLuckGo

    Start to change iPhone location via LuckLuckGo

  4. Select "Two-spot Mode" and choose a starting point and a destination from map.
  5. Set up the movement speed and number of moves. And click "Move."
  6.  Spoof Pokémon Go location

    Spoof Pokémon Go location

And boom, you are done.

Having said that, let's see what makes the LuckLuckGo tool the best alternative to iSpoofer :

Trustpilot star

Why Do I recommend LuckLuckGo?

  • It lets you simulate and synchronize movements to move around like in real life.
  • The joystick mode lets you navigate through the map.
  • The tool supports all the latest iOS versions and models.
  • It also protects your data with a 100% safe privacy policy.
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Pokémon GO Fan

Although I used iSpoofer Pokémon Go for myself, it was against the terms of the game. Even if it wasn’t shut down and you continued using the third-party application, there was a high chance that your Pokémon Go account would be banned.

After getting my account banned for once, I realized that using a safe spoofer provides me with more benefits. That is when I discovered LuckLuckGo. Not only did it relieve my tension of not getting banned anymore, but I got to catch a lot of rare Pokémon and increased my XP (experience points).