0232 Donphan



  • Ranking Score:
  • Main moves:
    Counter, Body Slam, Earthquake
  • Type
  • Level:
  • Rank:
    Lvl 19 0/14/8CP 1500
  • Buddy Distance:
  • Charged Move Cost:
    50,000 Stardust
  • Attack:
  • Defense:
  • Stamina:
  • Overall:


Type Generation 2Generation 3Generation 4Generation 5Generation 6Generation 7Generation 8Generation 9
Normal --
Shiny ---

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Registeel has the following traits and playstyles:
  • + Spammy
    Reaches Charged Moves quickly.
  • + Flexible
    Can hit a wide variety of types.
  • + Fast Move Pressure
    Deals heavy Fast Move damage. It can pressure switches and work around shields.
Move stats include same type and Shadow attack bonuses.
Recommended Move:
*Event or Elite TM exclusive*Unobtainable via TM
No.Move TypesMoveAccuracyPowerDamageAverageFast MoveCountRemark
2FastMud Slap34.43Heavy Damage
4FastCharm253Heavy Damage
5ChargedBody Slam35601.715 - 5 - 5 - 5Neutral Spam/Bait
6ChargedEarthquake651322.0310 - 9 - 9 - 10Nuke
7ChargedTrailblaze100% chance +1 Atk self50651.38 - 7 - 7 - 7Boost
8ChargedHeavy Slam50701.48 - 7 - 7 - 7Coverage
9ChargedPlay Rough60901.59 - 9 - 8 - 9High Energy Coverage

Character Introduction


Donphan is a Ground Pokémon which evolves from Phanpy. It is vulnerable to Water, Grass and Ice moves. Donphan's strongest moveset is Mud-Slap & Earthquake and it has a Max CP of 3,013.


"Donphan's favorite attack is curling its body into a ball, then charging at its foe while rolling at high speed. Once it starts rolling, this Pokémon can't stop very easily."

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PVP Mode Explanatory Notes

PvP Moveset Explanation
Counter + Body Slam and Play Rough or Heavy Slam or Earthquake or Trailblaze

Counter is one of the best fast moves in the game and has the best overall performance.

The addition of Body Slam following the GBL Season 10 update is an improvement for Donphan, enabling it to access a decent Charged Move without consuming a large amount of energy. Play Rough is run to handle Dragon-types (and have great neutral damage). Heavy Slam is cheaper and effective for shield baits, but doesn't provide meaningful coverage. Earthquake is more useful in the higher leagues, being harder-hitting, and is especially important in Master to give a chance against Dialga. Trailblaze hits Water Type counters and provides an Attack bosst.

Charm + Body Slam and Earthquake

Charm lets Donphan fulfill a more niche role, and sports extremely high damage output at the cost of very bad energy gains. Body Slam is needed for this moveset due to its lower energy cost, as poor energy generation makes it difficult to access Donphan's charge moves. Earthquake offers wide coverage backed by STAB. 

PvP Rating Explanation
Great League: 2 / 5

Donphan holds an interesting niche as one of the few non-Fighting-type Pokémon to learn Counter. However, its stat-weighting and poor meta matchups (Azumarill, Altaria, Medicham) make it a poor choice in most cases. Ground-typing is somewhat vulnerable against common typings, and Donphan lacks counter-coverage moves to fight back. A lack of a low energy charge move also limits Donphan's ability to bait and pressure shields, making it slower compared to other picks. 

Ultra League: 3 / 5

Donphan is stronger in Ultra than Great, though it’s still not the best. Play Rough is not enough to save it from a loss against Giratina. Access to Charm enables very narrow wins against either Giratina, but loses almost everything else.

Master League: 0 / 5

Dialga remains top threats in Master, which makes Donphan as a Counter user interesting. However, there are better choices. With a max CP of 3013, Donphan doesn't have the stats that many legendary Pokemon boast.

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