0474 Porygon-Z



  • Ranking Score:
  • Main moves:
    Lock On, Tri Attack*, Zap Cannon
  • Type
  • Level:
  • Rank:
    Lvl 17 1/15/13CP 1500
  • Buddy Distance:
  • Charged Move Cost:
    50,000 Stardust
  • Attack:
  • Defense:
  • Stamina:
  • Overall:


Type Generation 4Generation 5Generation 6Generation 7Generation 8Generation 9
Shiny --

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Registeel has the following traits and playstyles:
  • + Spammy
    Reaches Charged Moves quickly.
  • + Agile
    Uses short animations, can react quickly and reliably fire Charged Moves.
  • + Shield Pressure
    Pressures opponents to shield its strong or rapid attacks.
  • - Glass Cannon
    Hits hard but struggles to take hits. Depends on shields.
  • - Low Fast Move Pressure
    Deals low Fast Move damage. It may struggle to bring down weakened opponents.
  • - Chaotic
    Uses move effects that can drastically alter the game but depend on random chance.
  • - Inconsistent
    May depend on baits and performs inconsistently.
Move stats include same type and Shadow attack bonuses.
Recommended Move:
*Event or Elite TM exclusive*Unobtainable via TM
No.Move TypesMoveAccuracyPowerDamageAverageFast MoveCountRemark
1FastLock On51.21Fast Charge
2FastCharge Beam3.671.673Fast Charge
3FastHidden Power (Ground)2.6733Low Quality
4FastHidden Power (Ice)2.6733Low Quality
5FastHidden Power (Rock)2.6733Low Quality
6FastHidden Power (Grass)2.6733Low Quality
7FastHidden Power (Fire)2.6733Low Quality
8FastHidden Power (Fighting)2.6733Low Quality
9FastHidden Power (Flying)2.6733Low Quality
10FastHidden Power (Electric)2.6733Low Quality
11FastHidden Power (Water)2.6733Low Quality
12FastHidden Power (Ghost)2.6733Low Quality
13FastHidden Power (Dark)2.6733Low Quality
14FastHidden Power (Psychic)2.6733Low Quality
15FastHidden Power (Dragon)2.6733Low Quality
16FastHidden Power (Steel)2.6733Low Quality
17FastHidden Power (Bug)2.6733Low Quality
18FastHidden Power (Poison)2.6733Low Quality
19ChargedTri Attack*50% chance -1 Atk -1 Def opponent50781.5610 - 10 - 10 - 10Debuff
20ChargedZap Cannon66% chance -1 Atk opponent801501.8816 - 16 - 16 - 16Debuff Nuke
21ChargedBlizzard751401.8715 - 15 - 15 - 15Coverage Nuke
22ChargedSolar Beam801501.8816 - 16 - 16 - 16Coverage Nuke
23ChargedHyper Beam801802.2516 - 16 - 16 - 16Nuke

Character Introduction


Porygon-Z is a Normal Pokémon which evolves from Porygon2. It is vulnerable to Fighting moves. Porygon-Z's strongest moveset is Lock-On & Hyper Beam and it has a Max CP of 3,266.


"A faulty update was added to its programming. Its behavior is noticeably strange, so the experiment may have been a failure."

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PVP Mode Explanatory Notes

PvP Moveset Explanation
Lock-On + Tri-Attack* 

Lock-On features the best energy generation in the game, and is recommended to fuel Porygon-Z's very expensive Charge Moves.

Tri-Attack is mandatory due to its lesser energy cost, though it is limited to Elite TMs and Community Day events. Porygon-Z suffers from the lack of a cheap Charge Move option; with the exception of its Communtiy Day move, all of its Charge Moves cost at least 70 energy, which is absurdly slow. Any combination of its Charge Moves alongside Tri-Attack can be chosen depending on desired coverage.

PvP Rating Explanation
Great League: 1 / 5

Porygon-Z doesn't have any real use in PvP. High offensive stats result in poor bulk in Great League. while a highly inefficient moveset can result in excessive overkill damage, or fainting before being able to land a charge move. 

Ultra League: 0 / 5

At first glance, a mono-Normal typing may seem appealing when considering the frequent usage of Ghost-types in this league. While it definitely can be a perk against Ghost-types using only Ghost-type moves, this is mostly the only niche that Porygon-Z has going for it. 

Master League: 0 / 5 

Porygon-Z has a max CP of 3266 at level 40, which lacks behind many of the powerhouses in Master League. More importantly, its moveset problem is still its main drawback. While Porygon-Z can pick up some matchups in an even fight, its performance drops significantly if the opponent commits both shields. 

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