0301 Delcatty



  • Ranking Score:
  • Main moves:
    Charm, Wild Charge, Disarming Voice
  • Type
  • Level:
  • Rank:
    Lvl 49 0/15/15CP 1500
  • Buddy Distance:
  • Charged Move Cost:
    50,000 Stardust
  • Attack:
  • Defense:
  • Stamina:
  • Overall:


Type Generation 3Generation 4Generation 5Generation 6Generation 7Generation 8Generation 9
Normal ---
Shiny ---

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Registeel has the following traits and playstyles:
  • + Bulky
    Takes hits well.
  • + Fast Move Pressure
    Deals heavy Fast Move damage. It can pressure switches and work around shields.
  • - Slow
    Takes a long time to reach Charged Moves.
  • - Low Shield Pressure
    May struggle to draw shields because of its weaker or slower attacks.
Move stats include same type and Shadow attack bonuses.
Recommended Move:
*Event or Elite TM exclusive*Unobtainable via TM
No.Move TypesMoveAccuracyPowerDamageAverageFast MoveCountRemark
1FastFeint Attack332General
2FastCharm253Heavy Damage
3FastZen Headbutt22.673Low Quality
4ChargedWild Charge100% chance -2 Def self451002.228 - 7 - 8 - 7Self-Debuff
5ChargedDisarming Voice45701.568 - 7 - 8 - 7Coverage
6ChargedPlay Rough60901.510 - 10 - 10 - 10High Energy Coverage

Character Introduction


Delcatty is a Normal Pokémon which evolves from Skitty. It is vulnerable to Fighting moves. Delcatty's strongest moveset is Feint Attack & Wild Charge and it has a Max CP of 1,496.


Delcatty enjoys an unrestrained life, dictating its daily routines as it pleases. It eats and sleeps randomly, following no set schedule.

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PVP Mode Explanatory Notes

PvP Moveset Explanation
Charm or Feint Attack + Disarming Voice and Wild Charge

Charm is a powerful option to deal large amounts of damage without worrying about being shielded, but it also offers the worst energy generation in the game. Feint Attack sports the average 3.0 DPT (Damage Per Turn) and 3.0 EPT (Energy Per Turn), which lets Delcatty access its charge move sooner. 

Disarming Voice is good charge move option, with a moderate 45 energy cost and 1.56 DPE (Damage Per Energy), it demands the least energy among Delcatty's charge moves and can be used more frequently. Wild Charge is a powerful move that offers interesting coverage, and can also catch unsuspecting opponents by surprise. Play Rough is an inferior charge move compared to the previous two. 

PvP Rating Explanation
Great League: 1.5 / 5

Delcatty is an underdogcat in PvP, and is generally overlooked due to greater popularity surrounding meta picks. That may work to Delcatty's advantage though, as unsuspecting opponents may get caught off guard by Delcatty's unusual moveset. With a max CP of 1496, Delcatty unfortunately needs to be fully powered up to level 40 to reach its full potential, which makes this cat rather expensive to use for PvP. With a relatively balanced stat distribution that somewhat leans towards its stamina, Delcatty does have some decent bulk to back it up, though this isn't enough to let it dominate most meta picks. 

Ultra League: 0 / 5

Delcatty has a max CP of 1496, which is barely enough for Great League, let alone Ultra League. Its Normal typing and access to Charm lets it beat Giratina Origin Forme, but that's about the only thing it has going for it. 

Master League: 0 / 5

This cat ain't slaying no dragons or dinosaurs. 

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