508 Stoutland



  • Ranking Score:
  • Main moves:
    Lick, Wild Charge, Crunch
  • Type
  • Level:
  • Rank:
    Lvl 20 0/15/13CP 1498
  • Buddy Distance:
  • Charged Move Cost:
    10,000 Stardust
  • Attack:
  • Defense:
  • Stamina:
  • Overall:


Type Generation 5 Generation 6 Generation 7 Generation 8 Generation 9
Normal -
Shiny -

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Registeel has the following traits and playstyles:
  • + Agile
    Uses short animations, can react quickly and reliably fire Charged Moves.
  • - Technical
    Uses complex moves that may have a high learning curve.
Move stats include same type and Shadow attack bonuses.
Recommended Move:
*Event or Elite TM exclusive *Unobtainable via TM
No. Move Types Move Accuracy Power Damage Average Fast MoveCount Remark
1 Fast Lick 3 3 1 General
2 Fast Ice Fang 2.5 4 2 Heavy Damage
3 Fast Take Down 2.67 2 3 Low Quality
4 Charged Wild Charge 100% chance -2 Def self 45 100 2.22 15 - 15 - 15 Self-Debuff
5 Charged Crunch 30% chance -1 Def opponent 45 70 1.56 15 - 15 - 15 Debuff
6 Charged Play Rough 60 90 1.5 20 - 20 - 20 High Energy Coverage

Character Introduction


Stoutland is a Normal Pokémon which evolves from Herdier. It is vulnerable to Fighting moves. Stoutland's strongest moveset is Lick & Wild Charge and it has a Max CP of 2,827.


"Its fur is long and thick. A long time ago in cold regions, every household kept a Stoutland."

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PVP Mode Explanatory Notes

PvP Moveset Explanation
Lick OR Ice Fang + Crunch and Wild Charge

Lick enables Stoutland to hard counter Ghost-types, and is generally the best fast move choice due to its well rounded stats. Ice Fang sports high damage and good offensive coverage along-side slightly below-average energy gains.

Crunch costs the least amount of energy among Stoutland's charge moves, and supports his role in beating Ghosts. Wild Charge hits hard and provides good coverage against common Water and Flying-types. Play Rough can be viable in certain formats, but a large energy cost discourages its use. 

PvP Rating Explanation
Great League: 2 / 5

Stoutland seems like a mon that could nearly be good. Sadly, that's not the case. It's outclassed by other powerful Normal-types like Munchlax, Vigoroth, and Lickitung, and is best left on the bench.

Ultra League: 2.5 / 5

Since most of the Pokémon listed above don't scale to 2500, Stoutland has a bit more of a niche here in Ultra League as a soft answer to Giratina and Cresselia. Do note that its stats don't quite cut it, leaving Stoutland more as a spice pick than anything you should be striving to use.

Master League: 0 / 5

Puppy can't quite cut it vs all the Dragons in Master League.

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