Struggling to find a Sinnoh Stone in Pokémon GO? Sinnoh Stones are the key to the evolution of many Pokémon in Pokémon GO, yet they remain one of the game's most elusive items.

Often rewarded after battles, they can also be obtained through Field Research breakthroughs. This article will guide you through every possible way to acquire a Sinnoh Stone. Plus, we'll introduce more tips about using this special stone for evolution. Let's unlock the secrets to evolving your Pokémon with Sinnoh Stones!

Sinnoh stone

Brief Introduction to Sinnoh Stone

What is a Sinnoh Stone?

A Sinnoh Stone is a unique evolutionary item in Pokémon Go, enabling players to evolve certain Pokémon into their Generation 4 versions. This fascinating item transforms your Pokémon in strength and appearance, making it a coveted asset for your Pokémon journey. 


  • Each Sinnoh Stone can evolve only one Pokémon, after which it's consumed. You'll need a new stone for each evolution.

  • Evolving a Pokémon with a Sinnoh Stone requires at least 100 Candy, necessitating the collection of a significant amount of candy for each evolution.

  • These stones are available only to level 10 or above Trainers.

Four Ways to Acquire Sinnoh Stones

As a Pokémon Trainer, you have four primary methods to obtain these elusive items:

Completing Seven Field Research Tasks: Consistently completing daily tasks can reward you with a Sinnoh Stone.

Defeating Team Go Rocket Leaders: These challenging battles can sometimes yield a Sinnoh Stone as a reward.

Winning PvP Battles: Engaging in and winning player-versus-player battles can occasionally earn you this valuable item.

Go Battle League Mystery Items: Participating in the Go Battle League might reward you with a Sinnoh Stone as a mystery item.

Pokemon Go battle Go Battle League page

After understanding the basics of Sinnoh Stones, let's dive into the first method to acquire them: Completing Seven Field Research Tasks.

Way 1: Completing Seven Field Research Tasks 

Field Research in Pokémon Go involves a series of tasks you can acquire by spinning a Gym or PokéStop. These tasks range from simple activities like catching specific Pokémon to more challenging objectives.

Steps to Earn Sinnoh Stones through Field Research Tasks

1. Obtain Tasks: Spin PokéStops to receive Field Research tasks. You can hold up to three tasks at a time, but remember that each PokéStop offers the same task to all players for that day. Once you complete a task from a particular PokéStop, you can't claim it again until the next day.

2. Complete a Task Daily for Stamps: Secure one stamp daily by completing a task. While you can finish multiple tasks daily, you'll only receive one stamp daily. Extra tasks won't yield additional stamps.

3. Earn Seven Stamps for a Research Breakthrough: Once you collect seven stamps (not necessarily on consecutive days), you unlock a Research Breakthrough. This breakthrough, represented by a brown package on the Field Research screen, may reward you with a Sinnoh Stone.

Requirements and Tips

Level Requirement: You must be at least Level 10 in Pokémon Go to receive Sinnoh Stones from these tasks.

Special Events: Watch for community events and special limited-time research questlines, as they sometimes offer Sinnoh Stones as rewards.

Pokemon Go Field Research Claim Reward

Way 2: Winning PvP Battles

PvP Battles are a key part of Pokémon Go, allowing you to engage in combat with other players. These battles, lasting about four minutes, require you to strategically use a team of three Pokémon to either knock out your opponent's team or inflict more damage before the timer ends. 

It's important to note that these battles are available to level 10 and above Trainers.

Steps to Engage in PvP Battles

  1. Access PvP Battles: Navigate to the main menu and click on 'Battle' to start.

  2. Battle Options:

  • Local Battles: Use the 'Nearby' menu, found at the bottom right of the map screen, to challenge local trainers. Scan the QR code on another player's screen to initiate a battle. You don't need to be friends for local battles.

Pokemon Go Nearby Raid

  • Distance Battles: To battle friends from a distance, you must be at least Ultra or Best Friends. Select the player you want to battle from your Friends list and press the Battle button.

Rewards and Chance of Obtaining a Sinnoh Stone

  • Post-Battle Rewards: You may receive Stardust, Rare Candy, or a Sinnoh Stone after a battle, with a 1 in 7 chance of obtaining the stone.

  • Training Rewards: Engaging in training battles in different leagues offers varying chances of getting a Sinnoh Stone, with percentages increasing in higher leagues.

  • PvP Rewards: Participating in PvP battles increases your chance of receiving a Sinnoh Stone, with three potential daily rewards from battling friends.

Chance Of Obtaining A Sinnoh Stone From Research Breakthrough And Battle Rewards  On January-2019

Battle Mechanics:

In PvP, each player has three Pokémon, compared to six in Raids and Gym Battles.

You can switch between these Pokémon during the battle.

Battles aren't turn-based like the main series games. You tap for Fast Moves and swipe for Charged Moves. Protect Shields can be used to defend against attacks, but you only have two per battle.

Participate in Different Leagues: There are three leagues, each with a CP cap:

Great League: 1500 CP cap

Ultra League: 2500 CP cap

Master League: No CP cap

Additional Tips

Ace Trainer Medal: Battling in Trainer Battles contributes to achieving the 'Ace Trainer' Medal.

Daily Reward Limits: Remember, you can earn rewards once daily when training with the computer or up to three times a day when facing other players. 

Way 3: Join the Go Battle League

The Go Battle League serves as a global platform where Trainers from around the world can connect and compete against each other. It's an excellent opportunity to test your skills and possibly earn Sinnoh Stones as part of the mystery item rewards. The league is structured into various seasons, each offering unique challenges and rewards.

Steps to Participate in the Go Battle League

  1. Access the League: Start by going to the main menu and selecting 'Battle'.

  2. Choose Your Tier: You can join either the Basic or Premium tier. For the Premium tier, you need a Premium Battle Pass. However, the chance of getting a Sinnoh Stone is the same in both tiers.

  3. Win Battles: Focus on winning battles to get a chance at earning a Sinnoh Stone. Keep an eye out for the 'random item' reward, indicated by a berry silhouette with a question mark. After completing five rounds of battle, you can re-enter the tier for more chances at Sinnoh Stones.

Pokemon Go Ultra League

Additional Information and Tips

  • Team Leaders:

    In the Go Battle League section, you'll find Candela, Blanche, and Spark representing Team Valor, Team Mystic, and Team Instinct, respectively. Winning battles against these trainers gives you a random reward once a day, which may include Sinnoh Stones.

  • Seasonal Changes:

    Be aware that each season might have different schedules and reward structures. Staying updated with the latest season's details can enhance your chances of success.

  • Strategy for Battles:

    To maximize your chances of winning, tailor your Pokémon team and strategy according to the current season's format and rules.

Steps to Evolve Pokémon with Sinnoh Stones

To transform a creature using a Sinnoh Stone, you only need to take the steps below:

  1. Access Your Pokémon: Tap the Poké Ball icon at the screen's bottom center and select 'Pokémon' to view your collection.

Pokemon App Pokemon Owned List

Pokemon app- pokemon owned list

  1. Choose Your Pokémon: Find and select the Pokémon you wish to evolve.

  2. Check Requirements: Ensure you have enough Candy and a Sinnoh Stone for the evolution.

  3. Evolve: Tap on 'Evolve', located beneath the 'Power Up' button. Your Pokémon will undergo its transformation, emerging ready for battle.

Find the Evolve Button for Mukrow CP1082

What Kind of Pokémon Can Evolve With a Sinnoh Stone

There are currently 18 Pokémon that evolve using a Sinnoh Stone. These Pokémon, originally from Generation 4's Sinnoh region, evolve from earlier generations. 


After Evolution









Kirlia (male)


Snorunt (female)


















Porygon 2








Tips for Evolving with Sinnoh Stones

Rare Resource: Sinnoh Stones are scarce, so evolving all these Pokémon might take time. Remember, each evolution requires a Sinnoh Stone and 100 Candy.

Trading Option: You can't catch these evolved forms in the wild, but trading with friends is an option.

What Pokémon Should I Evolve?

For Raid Attackers: Mamoswine is a top pick for its high CP and potent ice and ground-type moves, making it excellent for legendary raids.

Electivire & Roserade: Electivire is an electric-type solid choice, while Roserade excels as a grass-type.

Lickilicky: Evolve Lickitung into Lickilicky for a charming and round companion.

Can You Obtain Sinnoh Stones by Defeating Team Go Rocket Leaders?

Unfortunately, a recent update in Pokémon Go has altered the dynamics of obtaining Sinnoh Stones from Team Go Rocket Leaders. Now, defeating leaders like Cliff, Sierra, Arlo, and Giovanni does not guarantee a Sinnoh Stone as a reward. Instead, these challenging battles may yield Unova Stones or, at times, no special stones at all.

Introduction to Team Go Rocket Leaders

Team Go Rocket Leaders Arlo, Cliff, and Sierra, are high-ranking members in the Team Go Rocket hierarchy, reporting to the notorious boss, Giovanni. These leaders are notably more challenging than the standard Team Go Rocket Grunts, presenting a significant hurdle for trainers.

Team Go Rocket Leader Pokemon

Steps to Defeat Team Go Rocket Leaders

1. Assemble a Rocket Radar: Your first step is constructing a Rocket Radar. This item is essential for locating the leaders and is made from Mysterious Components, which you can acquire by defeating Team Go Rocket Grunts.

2. Locate and Challenge the Leaders: Armed with your Rocket Radar, seek out and challenge Arlo, Cliff, Sierra, or Giovanni. These battles are notably more challenging than encounters with Grunts, so come prepared.

3. Earn Rewards: Post-victory, various rewards are up for grabs. However, remember that the likelihood of receiving a Sinnoh Stone has decreased, making Unova Stones or no special stones more common.


Sinnoh Stones may be elusive, but armed with this guide, you're now equipped to boost your chances of obtaining them. Each approach offers unique challenges and enjoyment, from research tasks to league battles and Go Battle League strategies. Don't just stop at one; aim to collect all 18 and evolve each corresponding Pokémon. Enjoy the extra rewards along your journey and watch your trainer ranking soar. Best of luck, Trainer!