Ditto, a true master of disguise and one of the most elusive Pokémon in Pokémon Go, often leaves trainers puzzled about its whereabouts and which Pokémon it's imitating. Plus, there's the added allure of its shiny version!

This guide is your treasure map to finding Ditto. Packed with details on Ditto's disguises, and tips for snagging a shiny Ditto, we turn your quest from a complex challenge into an achievable adventure. Let's embark on the exciting journey to catch the shape-shifting Ditto! 

Where Is Ditto In Pokemon

Finding Ditto in Pokémon Go

What is Ditto in Pokémon Go?

In Pokémon Go, Ditto is a unique and elusive Pokémon known for its ability to disguise itself as other Pokémon. Unlike other creatures in the game, you can't identify Ditto by its appearance in the wild. The excitement of catching Ditto comes from the surprise reveal after you've caught what appears to be an ordinary Pokémon.

Features of Ditto:

  • If you walk with Ditto as your companion, you will receive candy for every 3km you complete.

  • While you will receive 3 sweets upon catching it, there is no advanced variant of Ditto.

What Is Ditto In Pokemon

How to Find Ditto

Finding Ditto in Pokémon Go involves a bit of luck and strategy. Ditto hides in plain sight, disguised as other Pokémon. There's no guaranteed method to find Ditto, but knowing its current disguises can significantly increase your chances.

Ditto Disguises List (Valid as of January 2024)

As of December 18, 2023, following the Adamant Times event, Ditto can be disguised as the following Pokémon in Pokémon Go:





Gen 1



Gen 1



Gen 1



Gen 1



Gen 3



Gen 4



Gen 5



Gen 6



Gen 7


Remember, these disguises can change, so staying updated with the latest information is crucial. Past events have temporarily introduced new disguises but typically revert once the event concludes. Always check for the most recent list of potential Ditto disguises to enhance your hunting strategy.

 Ditto Transformations Pokémon

How to Find A Shiny Ditto?

Can Ditto be Shiny in Pokémon Go?

Absolutely! Shiny Ditto is blue. This unique variant first appeared during the 2021 Kanto Tour event as part of a special research task. Since then, it has become a rare feature in the wild.

Shiny Ditto

Shiny Mechanics: 

It's essential to grasp the mechanics of shiny encounters in the hunt for Ditto:

  • When you come across a shiny version of any Pokémon that Ditto might be imitating, rest assured it will not transform into Ditto. 

  • Conversely, encountering these Pokémon in their non-shiny form may lead to a shiny Ditto reveal.

The Role of Chance:

Each Ditto capture presents a possibility of it being shiny. The odds are relatively favorable, with some estimates suggesting a 1 in 64 chance of encountering a shiny Ditto. These odds are more generous than those for many other Pokémon but still require luck.

Shiny Ditto Cp347

The Current Disguise Shiny Pool:

Just like regular Ditto, the shiny version also hides as different Pokémon. If you catch these Pokémon when they're not shiny, they might turn out to be a shiny Ditto. Always check the most recent list of Ditto disguises to know which Pokémon to look for.

Any wild, shiny Pokémon won't transform into Ditto. So, if you're eyeing that shiny Dwebble, it won't morph into Ditto once caught.

Proven Tricks to Find a Ditto in Pokémon Go

Trick 1: Browse Social Media or Discord for Information

Ditto appears the same for all players at a given spawn point. If another player finds a Ditto, head to that location, and you can catch the same Ditto, too. Join local Pokémon Go Discord groups or other community platforms to get updates on Ditto spawns in your area. 

Some popular channels include the Pokémon Go subreddit on Reddit, various Facebook groups, and dedicated Pokémon Go Discord servers. These communities often share real-time updates on Ditto locations.

Screenshot Of Trainer Found Ditto

Trick 2: Swift Action for Ditto Catching

When you hear about a Ditto sighting, speed is critical because Ditto will only linger in the same spot for a short time. 

Consider using a location spoofer like LuckLuckGo for quick access upon receiving a credible location. This tool lets you virtually transport yourself to different places, making capturing Pokémon that are far away or in hard-to-reach areas much easier. Download it now to ensure a smooth virtual journey in your hunt for Ditto.

Catch Ditto with 1-Click Catch Ditto with 1-Click

LuckLuckGo features

  • Change your location to anywhere, with no limits.

  • Simulate movement in Pokémon Go without walking.

  • Works with most iPhones, including those on iOS 17 and earlier.

  • Undetectable by Pokémon Go, so no warnings or strikes.

Luckluckgo Two Spots Mode Interface

Trick 3: Use Your Nearby Radar

Keep an eye on your Pokémon Go radar for the current Ditto disguises. Since Ditto hides as common Pokémon, monitoring your radar helps you track these Pokémon's locations, increasing your chances of finding Ditto.

Pokemon Go Nearby Radar Interface

Trick 4: Catch Ditto with Lures and Incense

According to The Silph Road, lures and incense can attract Ditto. If you cannot move around, use lures and incense to bring Pokémon to your location. Focus on catching the Pokémon on the Ditto disguise list, and you might find Ditto coming to you.

Pokemon Daily Adventure Incense

Trick 5: Crack a Lucky Egg

While it won't increase your chances of finding Ditto, using a Lucky Egg during your hunt can significantly boost your XP. As you check each Pokémon, the Lucky Egg will double your XP gains for thirty minutes. Similarly, using a Star Piece will increase the Stardust you collect. This is an excellent way to maximize rewards during your Ditto search.

Pokemon Items Page

How to Catch a Ditto in Pokémon Go

Catching a Ditto, shiny or not, is always full of surprises. Here’s an easy guide to help you see one:

Spotting Ditto: Look for the “Oh?”

Ditto hides like other Pokémon and only shows itself after you catch it. 

When you catch a Pokémon that could be Ditto, instead of the normal “Gotcha” message, you might see “Oh?” pop up. This means the Pokémon is changing into Ditto! 

Pokemon Go Rattata Oh Pop Up

You’ll see it turn into Ditto with a cool purple light. This exciting moment means you’ve successfully caught a sneaky Ditto!

The method for catching a shiny Ditto is the same as a regular one. Just keep in mind, if you come across a shiny Pokémon, that Pokémon is not a Ditto.

FAQ: Can Ditto Be Hatched from Eggs in Pokémon Go?

Answer: No, you can't hatch Ditto from eggs in Pokémon Go. Ditto must be caught in the wild using a Poké Ball, as outlined in the methods described earlier.


In conclusion, while finding Ditto in Pokémon Go is a blend of strategy, knowledge, and a touch of luck, following these tips and tricks will significantly enhance your chances. Remember to stay updated on Ditto's disguises, use tools and community resources wisely, and enjoy the thrill of the hunt. Happy Ditto catching, trainers!