If you're a seasoned Pokémon Go enthusiast, you're likely acquainted with iSpoofer, a tool that once offered a unique edge in the game. 

Amidst whispers of its return after a notable shutdown by Niantic, you might wonder, what's the real story? 

Is iSpoofer back, and if so, how can you wield its power effectively? 

This article serves as your compass in the swirling rumors, providing clear guidance on iSpoofer's status, potential revival, and usage, alongside shedding light on robust alternatives for a seamless gaming experience. Let's dive in!

Is iSpoofer Reopening? 

The Shutdown and Its Aftermath

Back in the day, iSpoofer was the go-to app for location spoofing in Pokémon Go, helping trainers catch Pokémon from all over the globe without leaving their homes. However, the journey hit a roadblock when Niantic took legal action against the creators, leading to a significant shutdown. Many trainers, perhaps even you, were left in the lurch as emails circulated stating: "Your subscription to iSpoofer Pro Plan has been canceled due to the creator deleting the product."

Reddit Ispoofer Shutting down Email Content

Is iSpoofer Making a Return?

Yes, recent developments suggest that iSpoofer is staging a comeback. Although its official website indicates plans for a relaunch, it's essential to recognize its availability and distribution changes. Specifically, the application is not listed on the App Store, necessitating direct download from its website.

As for what iSpoofer brings to the table, details are still emerging. The creators have mentioned sticking to the old tweaks for the time being since their team faced significant changes post-shutdown. 

iSpoofer App Website Our Story

Community Concerns

Despite those challenges, the creators committed to providing a valuable tool for the community. Additionally, there's a growing concern among users regarding potential bans. While the excitement around iSpoofer's return is palpable, many trainers are understandably cautious, seeking assurance that the revamped app will not lead to account penalties or bans as they strive to enjoy Pokémon Go in new ways.

Overview of iSpoofer's Previous Features and Pricing

Previous Features

Although the latest features of iSpoofer remain undisclosed, its historical offerings provide insight into what iSpoofer previously brought to its users:

Teleportation: iSpoofer enabled users to instantly teleport to any location worldwide, facilitating global exploration without physical movement.

Feed Filter: This feature streamlined the Pokémon discovery process, allowing users to filter their feeds for more efficient searches.

Mobile Compatibility: Designed to be user-friendly, iSpoofer was optimized for mobile devices, ensuring smooth and lag-free operation.

iSpoofer Features Go to Location Custom Speed

Core Features:

  • It is possible to change GPS location on iOS devices running iOS 13 or later.

  • Persistence of the spoofed location even after disconnecting the device.

  • Support for importing GPX files for enhanced map interaction.

  • Adjustable speed settings for simulating movement.

  • Joystick control for manual navigation within the app.

Latest Pricing Model:

  • Starter (Free): Offered core functionalities like GPS spoofing, joystick navigation, and basic speed settings without cost.

  • Pro ($3.99/month): Provided advanced features, including fast catch, auto feed, spawn booster, and more, enhancing the overall experience. The Pro version included enhancements such as faster map loading, special filters to block unwanted Pokémon, and tools like the Shiny Scanner for a premium experience.

How to Download and Install iSpoofer

I attempted to download the new iSpoofer app on my iPhone. Here's a breakdown of how you can do it:

How to Download the New iSpoofer App on iPhone

System Requirements:

  • Ensure your iOS device is running iOS 13 or higher for mobile compatibility.

Download Steps:

  1. Access the Site: Visit iSpoofer's new website at https://ispoofer.app/ using your preferred browser.

  2. Initiate Download: Click on the "Download" button on the website. 

  3. You will encounter two options: "Direct Install" or "Install via .iPA." Opt for "Direct Install." 

  4. You will see a pop-up, click “Discover Interesting Articles.’ 

iSpoofer App Direct Install Reach Target Page

  1. You will be redirected to another ads page; click any of the ads or an article, then navigate back to the download page, then click "Done." 

  2. A pop-up should appear requesting to install Pokémon Go. Confirm by tapping "Install."

iSpoofer App Direct Install Pokemon Go

  1. Trust the Developer: After the app installs, go to Settings -> General -> VPN & Device Management, select the relevant Enterprise App profile, and trust it.

Steps to Trust Developer App on Android for Ispoofer

  1. Now, you can log in with your Pokémon Go account on the iSpoofer.

How to Download the New iSpoofer App with a Computer

You can download the new iSpoofer app on iPhone using the computer, you will typically use a tool like Sideloadly!, which facilitates the installation of iOS apps not available directly from the App Store. 

Here's a detailed breakdown of each step, including explanations for why specific actions are necessary:



  • iPhone with iOS 14 or newer

  • Computer running macOS or Windows

  • Latest iTunes and iCloud web version installed on the computer

  • Stable internet connection

Step 1: Get the iSpoofer IPA File

  1. Go to iSpoofer’s website, click Download

Download iSpoofer App Websites Download Button

  1. Select "Install via .iPA." 

Download iSpoofer App Websites Install via .Ipa.

  1. After you click on the "Click Here And Read The Latest News" link on the iSpoofer page and subsequently return to it, you'll notice the "Done" button has turned green. Clicking on "Done" will initiate the download of the IPA file for iSpoofer.

iSpoofer Download via Ipa Read News Done

  1. Once you've initiated the download of the 'main.ipa' file for iSpoofer, you can track the download progress by accessing the "Recent Downloads" section of your web browser. 

Google Recent Downloads Ispoofer Main Ipa

Step 2: Installing Sideloadly!

  1. Why Install Sideloadly: Sideloadly is required because it allows you to sideload iOS applications onto your device. It benefits apps like iSpoofer that are unavailable through the official App Store. This sideloading tool lets you manually install application files (.IPA) onto your iOS device, bypassing the usual app store mechanisms.

  2. How to Install: Visit the Sideloadly website (https://sideloadly.io/) to download the tool suitable for your operating system (Windows or macOS). Downloading the correct version ensures compatibility with your computer's OS, providing a smooth installation process.

  3. Installation Process: After downloading, open the installer file and follow the on-screen instructions. This typically involves agreeing to terms, selecting an installation location, and completing the setup wizard.

Sideloadly Start Install

  1. Once Sideloadly is successfully installed, proceed to download iTunes and iCloud directly via the links provided within Sideloadly. It's crucial to remove any existing versions of iTunes and iCloud that were installed through the App Store or Microsoft Store to avoid any compatibility issues. After installing the versions from Sideloadly, sign in to iTunes using the Apple ID associated with the device where you plan to install iSpoofer. 

Step 3: Installing iSpoofer with Sideloadly

  1. Launch Sideloadly: Open the Sideloadly application on your computer.  

  2. Connect Your Device: Connect your iPhone to the computer using a USB cable. This physical connection allows Sideloadly to access your device and install the application. Sideloadly should automatically detect your connected iOS device. Confirm that the correct device is displayed and selected within the tool.

  3. Click “OK” when you see the pop up below. 

Sideloadly Idevice Warning Pop Up

  1. Waiting for the preparing process, then enter your Apple ID. 

Sideloadly Idevice and Apple Id iSpoofer

  1. Load the IPA File: In Sideloadly, click the "IPA” icon and navigate to where you saved the iSpoofer IPA file. Selecting the correct file is crucial as this application will be installed on your iPhone. Then Click the “Start” button. 

Sideloadly Load Pokemon Go Ipa File

  1. Then you will see a Question pop up, check the guide there and then click “Yes.

Sideloadly Question Pop Up Yes

  1. Click “OK” if you see a pop up say “Sideloadly failed!”

Sideloadly Failed Pop Up

  1. Then press Advanced Options > Remote > Download

Sideloadly Remote Download Option

  1. Initiate Installation: You may need to enter your Apple ID and password for app signing purposes, which allows the app to be installed and run on your device.

Sideloadly Apple ID Authentication

Step 4: Trusting the Developer on Your iOS Device

  1. Accessing Settings: Once iSpoofer is installed, pick up your iOS device and open the 'Settings' app. This is where you can manage device-wide preferences and configurations.

  2. Navigating to Device Management: Inside 'Settings,' go to 'General,' then find and select 'VPN/Profiles & Device Management.' This section contains profiles and certificates downloaded with your apps, which you must manually trust for third-party apps.

  3. Trusting the Developer: Locate the developer profile (the Apple ID you used above) associated with iSpoofer in the 'DEVELOPER APP' section. Tap on it, press 'Trust,' and confirm your choice. Trusting the developer tells your iOS device that you consider their apps safe to run.

Steps to Trust Developer App on iPhone for iSpoofer

  1. Now, you should see the iSpoofer icon on your iPhone's home screen. Tap it to open the app and start using its features for Pokémon Go.

How to Use iSpoofer in Pokémon Go

Using iSpoofer for Pokémon Go can significantly enhance your gaming experience by allowing you to access Pokémon from various locations worldwide, right from the comfort of your home. Here are some tips on how to effectively use iSpoofer and a suggestion to use it with a secondary account:

  1. Manual Coordinates Entry: If you're targeting a specific spot known for rare Pokémon spawns, you can directly input the geographical coordinates into iSpoofer. c

  2. Location Search: 

Utilize iSpoofer's search feature to find a desirable location by entering a place name or address. This function is handy for exploring popular or high-activity areas in Pokémon Go.

After determining your location, hit the "Move" button in iSpoofer to update your avatar's position in Pokémon Go, enabling you to interact with the game world as if you were physically there.

  1. Adjust Walking Speed: Tailor the walking speed to mimic real-life movement or expedite your travel within the game, which is beneficial for hatching eggs or reaching distant spots faster.

iSpoofer Features Go to Location Custom Speed

  1. Enable Auto-walk: This feature facilitates egg hatching and buddy candy accumulation without manual intervention, simulating walking activity within the game.

  2. Create Routes: Design specific paths for your avatar to follow, maximizing your efficiency in visiting PokéStops, gyms, or known Pokémon nests.

  3. Use a Secondary Account: Engaging iSpoofer with an alternative account and then trading the caught Pokémon to your main account minimizes the risk of penalties, including potential bans. This approach safeguards your primary account's progress and achievements.

Best Alternative to iSpoofer: LuckLuckGo

While iSpoofer offers various advantages for Pokémon Go players seeking to enhance their gaming experience through location spoofing, certain situations might lead you to consider alternatives. 

LuckLuckGo Joystick Mode in Pokemon GO

You may find iSpoofer less appealing if you encounter difficulties in installation or usage, face concerns about the potential for account bans, or seek a more user-friendly or versatile tool. Exploring other location-changer apps like LuckLuckGo can be beneficial in such scenarios.

Brief Introduction to LuckLuckGo:

LuckLuckGo is a robust and user-friendly location spoofing tool designed to enhance your gaming experience in location-based games, notably Pokémon Go. It provides a seamless and efficient way to change your virtual location, offering features catering to casual and hardcore players.

LuckLuckGo Start with Pokemon

Comparison: LuckLuckGo vs. iSpoofer





Simple & Direct: Just download, install, and use without complications.

Requires Additional Steps: Installation process might involve several phases and could be more complex.

Apps Compatibility

Supports Multiple LBS Apps: Including Pokémon Go, Snapchat, Find My, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, Zombies, Run!, and more.

For Pokémon Go Only.




Ease of Use

User-friendly interface, change location instantly!

Requires navigation through various settings

Device/System Limitation

Broad compatibility across iOS versions (iOS 9 to iOS 17+); Supports both iPhone & iPad, Windows and macOS.

Requires iPhone with iOS 14 or newer; Compatible with computers running macOS or Windows.

Pokémon Go App Required

Utilizes the official version of Niantic's Pokémon Go.

Requires the use of a modified version of Pokémon Go.

Devices Number Support

Supports unlimited devices simultaneously.

Requires downloading separate apps for each device.

Device Safety

No jailbreak needed

No jailbreak needed

Steps to Use LuckLuckGo:

  1. Download and install LuckLuckGo by following the on-screen instructions.

  1. Open LuckLuckGo and grant the necessary permissions for it to function correctly.

  2. Connect your iPhone to the computer.

  3. Use the map interface or search function to select your desired virtual location.

Swiper Img

Once your location is set, launch Pokémon Go or any other location-based game. Enjoy accessing different locations worldwide, catching rare Pokémon, or completing specific game tasks.

Can I Use iSpoofer on Android?

No, iSpoofer is unavailable for Android devices as it is specifically designed for the iOS environment. If you're using an Android device and looking to enjoy similar functionalities, here are some alternatives:

  1. PGSharp: Specially designed for Pokémon Go, PGSharp is a modified version of Pokémon Go that is explicitly designed for Android devices. It provides features like a built-in joystick and enhanced throw.

PGSharp Homepage

  1. Fake GPS 360: Known for its user-friendly design, Fake GPS 360 assists in setting up location spoofing with minimal fuss, catering to casual users and gamers who want a reliable and straightforward solution.

Fake GPS 360

  1. Fake GPS Location by Lexa: This user-friendly application enables Android users to change their GPS location effortlessly. It's beneficial for location-based games and services, providing a simple interface to simulate global movement.

Netlinkd Location Changer Fake Gps

Enjoy Pokémon Go

With iSpoofer configured, dive into a more expansive Pokémon Go experience, leveraging the ability to catch a diverse array of Pokémon globally. Remember, while iSpoofer unlocks new possibilities, using it responsibly and ethically is crucial, as well as respecting the game's terms of service.

Consider LuckLuckGo, offering broad device compatibility without modified game requirements for a robust and secure alternative. Happy exploring and Pokémon hunting!