You might find yourself in a situation where you need to turn off location sharing discreetly, be it for privacy reasons or something else entirely. But are all methods truly effective? What notifications might the other person receive? 

Fear not, as this article delves into the nuances, offering step-by-step guidance and unveiling the genuine ways to turn off your location covertly. Discover how this piece can be your secret ally in maintaining your privacy with finesse.

Way 1 Turn Off "Share My Location" in the Find My App

The "Share My Location" feature in the Find My app is a powerful tool that lets you share your whereabouts with friends and family. However, there might be times when you wish to keep your location private. Here's how you can manage this feature without alarming others.

Find My App

What Happens When You Turn It Off

  • Contacts are not notified when you turn off your location. But they may see a status indicating "x minutes ago" or "Not Live," signaling that the location information is no longer being updated in real-time.

  • The people you're sharing your location with will see your last known location.

  • The next time you enable location sharing, the person you're sharing with will be notified.

  • Users under 18 may find this feature restricted by parents or guardians.

  • If you can't find the option to stop sharing your location, it might be due to restrictions set by the Family Sharing account manager.

Stopping Location Sharing with One Person

You can manage your location directly within the Find My app if you want to hide your location from a specific individual.

Steps to Stop Sharing with an Individual:

  1. Open the Find My App: Locate and open the Find My app on your iPhone.

  2. Select the 'People' Tab: In the app, navigate to the 'People' tab at the bottom.

  3. Choose the Person: Tap on the name of the individual with whom you want to stop sharing your location.

  4. Stop Sharing Your Location: Tap 'Stop Sharing My Location' to cease location sharing with that person.

Find My People Luckluckgo Steps to Stop Sharing My Location

Disabling Location Sharing with Everyone

While location sharing can be beneficial, you may prefer to maintain privacy by turning off this function for all.

Steps to Stop Sharing with Everyone:

  1. Open the iPhone Settings: Start by opening the 'Settings' app on your iPhone.

  2. Tap on Your Apple ID: Click on your Apple ID at the top of the settings menu.

  3. Access Find My Settings: Select 'Find My' from the list of options.

  4. Toggle Off 'Share My Location': Switch the 'Share My Location' toggle to the off position to stop sharing with everyone.

Steps to Turn off Share My Location for Find My via iPhone Settings

Way 2 Turn Off Location Services For Apps

Location Services on your iPhone allows apps to use cellular, Wi-Fi, GPS, and Bluetooth information to determine your approximate location. However, there may be times when you wish to restrict this access to ensure your privacy. Here's how you can manage Location Services universally and for individual apps.


When you turn off the location sharing, the other person will see a status indicating "x minutes ago" or "Not Live" according to different apps, signaling that the location information is no longer being updated in real-time.

Disabling Location Services for All Apps

Turning off Location Services entirely prevents all apps on your device from accessing your location data. This action is akin to disabling "Share My Location" in the Find My app but is more comprehensive as it affects all applications.

Steps to Disable Location Services for All Apps:

  1. Access the Settings App: Tap the 'Settings' icon on your iPhone's home screen.

  2. Enter Privacy & Security: Scroll down and select 'Privacy & Security' to access your privacy settings.

  3. Locate Location Services: Find and tap on 'Location Services' at the top of the list.

  4. Toggle Off Location Services: Switch off the 'Location Services' toggle at the top, turning off location tracking for all apps.

Steps to Turn off Location Services on iPhone

Disabling Location Services for a Specific App

Sometimes, you may restrict location access for a particular app without affecting others. For instance, to stop the Find My app from tracking your location:

 Steps to Turn Off Location Services for a Specific App:

  1. Navigate to Settings: Start by opening the 'Settings' app.

  2. Go to Privacy & Security: Select the 'Privacy & Security' option.

  3. Select Location Services: Tap on 'Location Services' to view all apps with access to your location.

  4. Choose the App: Scroll to find the app whose location access you wish to revoke, such as iMessage, Snapchat, etc.

  5. Adjust the Setting: Tap on the app and set its location access to 'Never'.

Steps to To Turn off Location Services for a Specific App on iPhone

Way 3 Utilizing a Location Changer to Turn Location Sharing Off without Notifying

Turning off your location services or activating airplane mode can stop your device from sharing your location, but these methods have limitations. For instance, applications like Life360 or Find My Friends may reveal clues that you've altered your location settings, such as showing when your device last connected to the service. This is where a location changer app becomes a valuable tool for maintaining your privacy without raising suspicions.

Swiper One

Why Use a Location Changer?

A location changer lets you set a virtual location, masking your real position. This way, even if someone tracks you using apps, they'll only see the location you've chosen to share. Moreover, these apps can simulate movement, making it appear like you're traveling along a specific route, which can be especially useful in various scenarios without physical movement.

Introducing LuckLuckGo

LuckLuckGo is an innovative third-party app that lets you spoof your location effectively and discreetly. It offers robust features for iOS users, ensuring your iMessage contacts, or any other location-based service, only see the location you prefer.

Luckluckgo Start with Pokemon

Features of LuckLuckGo:

  • Change your location to anywhere with just one click.

  • Simulate movement with customized speeds and routes, enhancing your experience in location-based games or services.

  • Import and export GPX files to design personalized routes.

  • Compatible with a wide range of apps and the latest iOS versions.

How to Use LuckLuckGo

  1. Connect Your Device: Link your iPhone or iPad to your computer. You can choose either a WiFi or USB connection.

  2. Choose the Mode you need:

  • Activate Two or Mulitple Spot Mode: This feature allows you to set multiple points to map out your route, customizing the speed and frequency of your virtual journey.

  • Use Teleport Mode: Instantly change your location by selecting any point on the map as your destination. 

Luckluckgo Teleport Mode

  1. Once you click 'Move,' LuckLuckGo updates your device's GPS position.

Way 4 Enabling Airplane Mode to Prevent Location Tracking

Turning on Airplane Mode is a quick and efficient solution if you're looking for a straightforward way to halt location sharing without delving into specific settings. This mode turns off all wireless communications on your device, which includes cellular data, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth, effectively blocking real-time location tracking. 

However, be aware of the following key impacts:

  • Emergency Services: Your ability to contact emergency services may be compromised.

  • Communication Disruption: You cannot call, text, or use cellular data.

  • App Restrictions: Apps needing internet or real-time data won't function correctly.

Steps to Turn On Airplane Mode For Devices Without a Home Button:

  1. Access Control Center: Swipe down from the top-right corner of the screen to open the Control Center.

  2. Enable Airplane Mode: Tap the airplane icon, which will turn orange when Airplane Mode is activated.

Enable Airplane Mode for iPhone Without a Home Button

Steps For Devices With a Home Button:

  1. Access Control Center: Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to bring up the Control Center.

  2. Enable Airplane Mode: Tap the airplane icon to activate Airplane Mode, indicated by the orange icon.

Enable Airplane Mode for Devices with a Home Button

Steps Through Settings Menu:

Alternatively, you can turn on Airplane Mode via the Settings app:

  1. Open Settings: Locate and tap the Settings icon on your home screen.

  2. Activate Airplane Mode: Tap the switch next to Airplane Mode, turning it orange to indicate it's activated.

 Turn on Airplane Mode via the iPhone Settings App

Way 5 Using Another iPhone or iPad to Share Your Location

If you prefer not to disclose your actual whereabouts but still need to appear available in location-based apps like Find My or Snapchat, you can utilize another iOS device. By setting up a different iPhone or iPad to share its location under your Apple ID, you can imagine being in one place while you're elsewhere.

Benefits of Using Another Device

  • Static Location: You can leave the secondary device in a fixed location to make it appear as if you're there.

  • Seamless Transition: The person tracking you will see the location of the device you've set to share your location without indicating that you've switched devices.

  • App Compatibility: This method works across all apps that use your Apple ID for location sharing, providing consistent information.

Steps to Use Another Device for Location Sharing

  1. Open the Settings app on your primary iPhone.

  2. Tap your Apple ID, then select "Find My."

  3. Ensure "Share My Location" is turned on.

  4. On your second iOS device (another iPhone or an iPad), sign in with the same Apple ID.

  5. Open the Settings app, tap your Apple ID, then "Find My."

  6. Choose "Use This iPhone/iPad as My Location."

iPhone Settings App Luckluckgo Find My Use This iPhone as My Location

Now, as others have shown, your location will be where your second device is, not your actual location. For instance, if you leave your iPad at home and take your iPhone elsewhere, your location will appear at home.

Way 6 How to Turn Off Location on Android Discreetly

For Android users seeking to maintain their privacy by turning off their location without alerting others, here's a guide tailored to help you manage location settings discreetly:

Discreetly Stopping Location Sharing in Google Maps

Google Maps often serves as the go-to for sharing your whereabouts. To halt this sharing silently:

Steps for Stealthy Location Disabling in Google Maps:

  1. Launch Google Maps: Open the app on your device.

  2. Access Profile Settings: Tap on your profile image at the top right corner.

  3. Enter Location Sharing: Select the 'Location sharing' option.

Google Map App Enable Location Sharing

  1. Find the Contact: Identify and select the person from whom you wish to hide your location.

  2. Cease Sharing: Opt for 'Stop sharing location' to end the process quietly.

Turning on Airplane Mode Secretively

  1. Quick Settings Access: Swipe down to reveal the Quick Settings panel.

  2. Engage Airplane Mode: Tap the airplane icon, which ceases all wireless communications and location tracking.

Android Airplane Mode On

Restricting Location Access for Specific Apps

To prevent certain apps from accessing your location without making it evident:

  1. Head to Settings: Open the Settings application.

  2. Select the App: Navigate to the specific app under 'Apps' or 'Applications'.

Android Settings Apps Whatsapp App Info Permissions

  1. Modify Permissions: Go to 'Permissions' or 'Location' and set the access to 'Deny' or toggle it off.

Android Settings Whatsapp App Info Permissions Deny Location

Ensuring Overall Location Privacy on Android

For comprehensive privacy without tipping off others:

  • Deactivate Location History: To prevent broad tracking, turn off Location History in the 'Location' settings.

  • Control Google Account Settings: Modify Location History settings under your Google account's 'Data & Privacy'.

Google Steps to Find Location Sharing Management

  • Audit and Adjust App Permissions: Review and alter which apps can access your location regularly.

  • Turn Off Location in Google Pay: Disable any location-sharing features within Google Pay settings.


By following these instructions, you can master how to turn off your location without the other person knowing, safeguarding your privacy effectively. 

Whether you're keen to conceal your location from a particular individual or implement wider privacy safeguards, these steps guide you to subtly manage your location preferences, ensuring you stay undetected and maintain control over who knows your whereabouts.