(Extremely Easy) How To Drop A Pin On iPhone (2023)

Jonathan Plummer | Feb 28, 2023

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Apple Maps can mark locations to help you get directions to that location, save it to your favorites list, or share the location with others. All you need to do is drop a pin on your iPhone.

Well, you don’t have to be stuck at it. This article will detail all the tips on using this feature and drop a pin on Google Maps on iPhone; keep reading!

Drop a pin

Drop a pin

How to Drop a Pin on iPhone With Apple Maps

Apple Maps pin is a feature by Apple that lets you save and share your exact location’s accurate coordinates.

Pins then enable someone else to trace your location or you to find a specific place. You can also save a pin when visiting a new place, so it's easier to find it next time.


  1. Launch Apple Maps on your iPhone. When the screen opens, you will notice a blue pin. This pin indicates your current location.
  2. Navigate to the location where you want to drop a pin, then tap and hold it.
  3. Tap Edit Location. This will display a satellite image of the location you have chosen.
  4. How to edit on a pin on Apple Maps.

    How to edit on a pin on Apple Maps.

  5. Drag the image to set a precise location, or press Done if you are satisfied.

How To Pin Location on iPhone With Google Maps

Google Maps is an app that has similar functions as Apple Maps. The app is a service that provides detailed data about geographical regions and places.

In addition to also offering aerial and satellite views, it allows you to pin locations. You can use these pinned locations as you use those in Apple Maps.


  1. Open Google Maps.
  2. Search for the desired address or scroll the map until you have the ideal pin location.
  3. Tap and hold the desired location to pin it. You will see a Dropped Pin menu at the bottom of the screen. The address and coordinates will also appear in the menu.
  4. How to drop a pin on Google Maps.

    How to drop a pin on Google Maps.

  5. You can tap on the location to view more details, add labels or get directions.

How To Share Pins With Someone on iMessage?

Once you pin a location, you can always share the location with anyone via iMessage or save the location to a contact. This SMS has a link that delivers the location and directions of the particular place.

Steps (Way 1):

  1. Launch Apple Maps and select a favorite location or tap a pin.
  2. Pull up the Marked Location panel to display more details. (Alternatively, tap the three dots in the top right corner of the Dropped Pin panel. This panel pops up when you drop a pin).
  3. Select Share.
  4. Tap Messages to share an iMessage with the location details.
  5. How to share pins on iMessage

    How to share pins on iMessage

Steps (Way 2):

  1. Long press the pin until a menu appears.
  2. Select Share Location.
  3. Click Messages to share the pin with someone on iMessage.
  4. iPhone Marked Location

    Click Share

How to Add and Save Pins to Favorites on iPhone

iOS allows you to save pinned locations so you can access them later. For example, if you visit a new hotel, you can pin and save that location.

This feature eliminates the possibility of getting lost the next time you go there. Saving pins also makes it easier for you to share directions in the future.


  1. Go to the maps app and select a pin.
  2. A Marked Location panel will pop up. Swipe up on it.
  3. Tap Add to Favorites. The location's name will be set to the closest address or landmark.
  4. How to add a pin to favorites on iPhone

    How to add a pin to favorites on iPhone

How to View Your Favorite Locations on iPhone Maps

  1. Go to the search bar at the bottom of your Apple Maps screen and swipe up.
  2. Tap See All next to Favorites.
  3. Click on any location to display it on the map. Select the Info icon to edit a location, including changing its name.
  4. How to view your favorite pins on iPhone Maps.

    How to view your favorite pins on iPhone Maps.

More Options After You Drop a Pin on iPhone

The features listed above are not all you can do on Apple Maps. You will find more options if you pull up the panel at the bottom of the screen.

  1. Copy The Address
  2. Long press the location's address or coordinates to copy them to your iPhone's clipboard.

    Alternatively, you can find the address in the Details by clicking on the pin.

  3. Report Information
  4. If you click on a location and notice it missing a business, restaurant, or other attraction, tap Add to Maps to report it to Apple.

  5. Add it To Your Contact Information.
  6. You can attach the location details on the pin to a contact in your list. On the panel, tap Create New Contact or Add to Existing Contact.

    How to add a pin to contact information.

    How to add a pin to contact information.

  7. Find the Fastest Route
  8. You can tap Directions to identify the fastest route to a location.

    Your iPhone will determine whether it's close enough to walk. If not, it will provide driving or public transit instructions.

    Find the fastest route on Apple Maps.

    Find the fastest route on Apple Maps.

  9. Remove The Pin
  10. If you want to delete a marked location, long press the pin, then tap Remove Marker.

    Alternatively, you can press Remove to clear a pin you have selected on the map.

    How to remove a pin from Apple Maps.

    How to remove a pin from Apple Maps.

While location apps and pins are convenient, malicious people can use them to stalk you. Alternatively, you may be unwilling to share your location with apps that collect that data.

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The dedicated tool is user-friendly and only takes a few clicks to operate.


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  3. Luckluckgo Start With Pokemon

    Click Satrt To Use LuckLuckGo

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  6. Luluckgo Two Spot Mode With Pokemons

    Changes Location on iPhone with LuckLuckGo

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I hope you can now successfully drop a pin on your iPhone, even favorite or remove location pins from Apple Maps.

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